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Cross Cultural Matrix (Com 285) Essay

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COM/285 Introduction to Business Communication

Cross Cultural Communication


Preferred communication style

Non-verbal communication practices

Business communication norms

Strategies to increase cross-cultural communication

South Africa

Face to face verbal communication baring in mind what to say and when to say it not to offend others. To interrupt while a person communicate is considered rude. It is expected to communicate clear and to the point.

Hand shaking while maintaining eye contact and smile especially if tasks are given. Women will greet by nodding their heads and the one being greeted nods back. If a woman extends her hand permission is allowed to shake hands.

Personal meetings are preferred over electronic means. Meeting organized beforehand with agenda and feedback is given after meeting to summarize content. Never speak loud or interrupt a conversation.

Communicator should be aware of the difference in communication being in different cultures to prevent misunderstanding which could and will lead to conflict situations.
Never assume or jump to conclusion, listen carefully and attentively before responding baring in mind what could be considered as offensive.
Use of a third person mediator could be used to tone down statements being made and adapt the transfer and content of the message to suite the cultural differences in communication.
When miscommunication becomes evident the communicator should step back and review what was said to determine if misunderstanding could have been the cause and how to rectify the situation.


Canadians are a highly communicated culture. Communication is to an extend indirect between parties. Believe in straight forward exchange of ideas. Never interrupt while someone else is talking. Keep an arm's length distance while conversing with...

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