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Cross Cultural Paper

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Cross Cultural Paper
Communication is the essence of human life. Studies show that if a child does not communicate or has contact with anyone they will not live past 18 months. This leads me to believe a human being cannot function in a positive manner without some form communication in their daily lives. Every single human starts communication as soon as they are born in the form of crying. Crying is baby’s universal statement that something is wrong or has to change with them. As children grow they eventually learn to speak whatever language they are raised around. Then they speak broken “cavemen” like sentences in the beginning but eventually learn to speak in complete sentences. Through this process children are also slowly learning culture almost completely from their parents or whoever is raising them. As children grow into young adults they begin to form a small idea of how the world works and what they believe in. By the time someone reaches college they can be exposed to many types of different people which means they encounter cultures could be very different from their own. Know these clashing of cultures negative or positive will lead to stereotypes or cultural attribution. These stereotypes can change the way someone thinks about another race and or culture which can lead to miscommunications in the future if someone lacks knowledge to be able to effectively communicate to someone of a different culture. This is why intercultural communication is so important to learn or understand. Being a citizen of the world will be able to prepare someone to the increasing amount of cultural interactions they will face overtime. Through my experiences with the many races of people I have met I have learned to listen to the different worldviews.
Over my time at home I caught up with one of my closest friends Dhruv Patel. He is a first generation Indian American and he is very in touch with his Indian heritage as his parents especially his mom carry on the traditions of his native country. As people we have many similarities for example enjoying basketball, football and video games. This of course comes from his American culture as he parents do not know much about these subjects. He learned his knowledge about these subjects pretty much on his own. He religiously identifies with Hinduism as his parents do and most of the people that are considered Indian. Through this religion part of his culture is not eating meat so the vegetables and breads he consumes are cooked much differently than the ones I were used too. In this get together however we just ate pizza so when I ordered I had to make sure half of it had no meat on it. This whole meal was to catch up after both of us being at college for a semester. He came over to my house as he had done many times. So as we at while were playing video games on Saturday November 30 of the many things we talked about religion came up. He that he has a main God but many other minor god’s which control...

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