Cross Cultural Understanding Essay

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The Client System: Field Placement
The field placement is a program within Lydia T. Wright school of Excellence and is called the School Violence Prevention Program. The program was the inspiration of Lawrence Shulman, a former director at the University at Buffalo. The program was created in conjunction with Child and Family Services of Erie County (Gustafson & Mason, 2013). This collaboration no longer exists, however, and the School Violence Prevention Program is now solely under the umbrella of the School of Social Work at UB. The program attempts to target some of the problems that threaten the safety and security of the children, school violence. In particular, the program is focused on preventing the issue of bullying. The program provides several types of interventions including individual counseling, group counseling, victim bully mediation, class room information presentations and student award incentives.
The Lydia T. Wright School is a public school in Buffalo, New York. It services a student body of approximately 736 students (NYSED, 2011). It should be noted that unlike prior years, NYSED information for Lydia T. Wright does not have information about the current number of students attending the Pre-K program as it had in previous years. Located on the East Side of Buffalo, Lydia T. Wright is composed primarily of African American students. Making up an average of 92% of the schools population, African Americans are the schools majority cultural group. The 3% and 4% is divided between White and Hispanic/Latino students respectively. Of the 736 students enrolled, 83% qualify and received free or reduced lunch (NYSED, 2011). This is due to the low socioeconomic status of the school's attendees.

The first client represents the majority cultural group. She is a 6 year old African American female. She is currently in kindergarten and this marks her first experience in a formal educational setting. She has recently relocated from Tampa, Florida and did not attend any formal Pre-K program previously. Information about the student was obtained by a third party, the field placement task supervisor, in order to respect current FERPA guidelines. According to the school nurse, the child is approximately 3’6 and weighs 41 lbs.
Educational testing done at the time of enrollment and information available from the beginning of the academic year state that she there may be evidence of an educational delay. Whether this is delay is environmental, as she did begin schooling late, or whether neurological/cognitive is not indicated and further testing is currently being requested. She was referred to the School Violence Prevention Program due in part to her disruptive behavior (e.g. pushing children, walking out of the class room without permission and most recently spitting) and because of unwillingness to participate in group activities (even during recess).
The student is very vocal about her family and very willing...

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