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Cross-cultural CommunicationCross-cultural communication, which means communication between people from different cultures and diverse background, is becoming a heated issue that induces world-wide discussion. The fact is, with further globalization, the international communication are ever-increasing frequent and normal to everyone living in the modern society. However, we have also unfortunately observed that more and more misunderstandings and mistakes occurred because of improper communication among different cultures.So what makes cross-cultural communication so complicated? Literally, the basic reason is the cultural differences, which is utmost distinct between Western and Chinese culture. To illustrate it clearer, culture is the integration of values, behaviors, manners involved in the social activities. According to that, I would like to divide the cultural differences between west and east into four several parts to illustrate.To begin with, value system, which can be compared in many kinds of orientations, can explain a lot about the difficulties in cross-cultural communication. In other words, the deep thoughts about nature, human along with the social relationship makes the value differences between western and eastern people. For example, in western countries, the ideology of relationship between human being and nature is that human can control and reform the nature into the way they desire. People are encouraged to exploit it in every efficient way to make a better life. As a result, they put much stress on studying how the natural world works and then figure out how science and technology can better serve and promote the whole society. On the contrary, in the eastern world, relationship of man to nature is more emphasizing the harmony with nature. For example, Chinese traditional medicine is a typical representative of this cultural value. According to the Chinese medicine, human body, which is a part of nature, needs to be struck into balance. Medicine should work with the body's own resources. The medicine should be integrated with the body.Concerning attitude towards time, it is commonly accepted in the Western countries that, each day open a new account for you and each night burns the remains of the day. So you must live in the present on today's deposits....

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