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Cross Culture (Mass Media). Essay

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CROSS CULTURE (MASS MEDIA)IntroductionIn any daily routine life, people do tend to keep themselves busy all the time by reading newspaper, watch television, listening to the radio and reading other print media production. But in the other hand, imagine your life without all this kind of media, life would be bored and dull, and that goes to the olden times whereby advanced technology weren't existed.Later then, our world continues to change rapidly with more advanced, more globalizes in a way makes more competitors in defeat with others in world of advertising industries, therefore business were expand to new market tremendously and that is what the advertising agencies are for.In the advertising line, as an advertiser job is to sell clients product to the consumer through the use of a selected medium. Through this, as previously I was saying that more and more marketer and advertiser are existed and more advertisement are been created. In addition, there are various types of media and it is categorized as Mass Media. Mass Media is basically known as Mass Communication. In any reference books has the same statement meaning of what communication is. This are one of the books that I have state.Communication is the process that involves the sorting, select, sharing ideas to help a receiver elicit from his/her own mind a meaning similar to that in the mind of the consumer. (pg. 12)Communication is the most important aspect in any advertising line. It is where we will explore more on how the advertisers convey its messages to the consumer. If the messages are delivered wrongly, it will be a big failure because of its misused the communication process. For example , wrong information, ideas, attitude are shared, how much are shared, tools are all in the process.In Mass Communication, professional communicator uses Mass Media to communicate and influence a large audience by using the components, which is the info and etc which I stated above. So that to build a communication process. These tools are needed so that, the source, message, right channel, receiver, and feedback are been correctly used.Sources are called as the sender where a Proffesional Communicator is the person who shares information with other people and there are either the newspaper or reporter in the advertising line. The messages then will be encoded into symbols that which would the big idea. The use of symbols is where to direct the audience mind on how to perceive the news or whatsoever. Without this, it is difficult for them to convey the news messages correctly and smoothly. By that, channel has to be choosed to convey the messages in which types of medium. Either, the magazine, radio, TV, and etc. not just that, it might probably be used all in once. As in encode the messages through media electronic (TV and radio) or Print (newspaper, magazine, books).In anybooks has stated, with a receiver, there is no communication. No direct destinations to be send. This is where; it is the...

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