Cross Cultural Change Essay

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Within today's society, organisation is known to change rapidly and constantly. This may be a small change such as introducing new technology within the workplace or a big change such as company takeover (Kirke, 2014). The success of failure of change within a workplace depends on the implementation process as well as the communication process. In order to have a successful change there must be good change management training involved in order to support the leaders to effectively implement the change throughout the organisation (Kirke, 2014). Although change may be challenging and intense, within an organisation it is critical to adapt to change, this is mainly due to keeping up with the competitive economy by being productive and introducing new ideas (Wiley, 2011). However in order to adapt to change, effective strategies will need to be considered in order to introduce the new change. This will be discussed based on the case study of A NEW BEGINNING FOR CLEMENGER BBDO who lacked change due to not wanting to take any risks, however became successful through changing certain areas within the company. The key drivers of change will be examined as well as the main perspectives relating to the case.Avoiding change is a critical factor within the business world as many organisations may fall into debt and lose many clients, stakeholders and other social relations within the business. The Clemenger BBDO went downhill in 2005 as the company was going through financial issues. Rob Morgan was originally working in the Clemenger Company in Melbourne and was the founder of the company. The main issue was Morgan refusing to keep up with change as he thought it was too risky to take. The main key drivers of change within the case include the need to gain profit, clients and stakeholders. As the company lost many loyal clients and employees who moved their business elsewhere, the issue was resolved when the agent driver of change Peter Biggs took over the company in Sydney, he...

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