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Cross Cultural Management Essay

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IntroductionCommunication is the process which people can share their meaning or transmitting message to each other through several media such as words, behavior, or material artifacts. In the case given to us, there are a few examples to describe kinds of communication across cultures and some negotiation blunders. Different countries have their own kinds of culture and it behooves those people doing the business in a country that is foreign to them to do some cultural homework. In cross-cultural communication, the spoken language is not the only thing that can affect the whole negotiation process but also the body language.1. What were some of the cross-cultural communication and negotiation blunders and experiences of a business abroad?There are many different forms of cross-cultural communication, and all these cultural variables can influence a person's perceptions. These communication variables includeattitudes, thought patterns, roles and language either spoken or written. Each variable may cause negotiation blunders if the people had not practice on it or understand it before having a business deal.From the book of international management, attitudes refer to the way in which individuals behave and interpret communications. There are some of the problems that people may assume that every people in the society or subcultures has the same characteristics or traits. This problem called stereotyping. It is the common cause of misunderstanding in intercultural communication. It can also lead people to disinterest and even contempt for the culture of other groups. For example, Chinese. Some people may think that all the Indian eat curry, but not.A thought pattern is the other variable of cross-cultural communication. The thinking methods of people in the world or society are very different because of cultural and non- verbal communication. For example, a Canadian expatriate's car was hit by a Thai motorist in Thailand who had cross over the double line while passing another vehicle. Both of them fail to establish who the one is caused the fault. The Canadian flagged down a police and ask what those lines signify. The Canadian was silent because he think that the line signifies "no passing allowed" but was actually signifies as the center of the road.As roles, societies differ considerably in their perceptions of a manager's role. Much of the difference is attributable to their perception of who should make the decisions and who has the responsibility for what. For example, the American manager thinks that the manager is the boss to delegate responsibility or give the order about when to have the job complete without consider whether the employees are understand the role or not.The manager should consider what behavior their workers expect of them and played that role or discussed the situation carefully, in the training mode.Lastly, the variable of language. There are many different languages in this world. Either spoken or written language is...

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