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Rumors Of Aurora Masonic Lodge#156 Essay

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Cross View on Aurora Masonic Lodge#156
Charly Gnonlonfoun
Community College of Aurora

The birth of Freemasonry can be dated as far back as the 13th century when groups of unionized workers would help one another to build cathedrals, but officially the organization itself was born in 1717.This fraternal order is seen by a certain opinion as evil .So, they classified it as part of the illuminati and secret society which only goal is to lead the world. For them, Freemason has secret and satanic agenda. These points of views are fairly understandable because the order is firmly implanted in covert symbolism, rituals, allegory; metaphors. This creates suspicion and led the outside world to question. Even thought, Freemason claim to be nothing more than a brotherhood of compatible individuals committed to charity, they appear as an enigmatic and controversial order .So, at the beginning of my research project, it became clear that writing about Freemason is going to be an exciting and challenging question because of the controversy surrounding it. As a result, I have been confronted with the reality of numerous and various representations regarding Freemasonry. The discovery of many writings such as books, articles, literature about the topic wasn’t a surprise for me due to its sensitive aspect. However, the diversity of opinion and specially their bias side have confused me a lot .Then the limit between reality, facts and fiction was difficult to understand. So, in order to conduct my research effectively and not to have to work only on the rumors vague or even incomplete information, I decided to visit Aurora Masonic Lodge #156 located at 1625 Florence, Aurora, CO. through the period of October 2010 to find what going on behind the oldest fraternity door. They meet together every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month from 6: pm to 8pm. So, for this investigation, I attended some of their meetings and interviewed many of them regarding different aspect of freemasonry and their particular lodge. Overall, I focused on how the group works. Then, I interviewed them on why certain opinion considers them as an evil organization. Finally, highlighted how they still important worldwide regardless the controversy surrounding them.
On October 8, 2013 I decided to meet with the members of Aurora Lodge#1615 A.F. & A.M located at Florence St, Aurora, CO. The Lodge is a white magnificent small building, style Romano- gothic next to Colfax way. When I was parking my truck in the parking lot, I saw a man dressed in black jacket, tie and black hat on, walking through the lodge door. His face was covered with a bushy moustache, holding a black briefcase. The way he was dressed, I assumed that he could be probably one of the lodge member. I jumped of my truck and introduced myself to him and told him the reason of my visit. He welcomed me and introduced himself as PM (Past Master) Secretary of the lodge. I was lucky to first meet with Brother Stephen...

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