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Crossed Book Report

1100 words - 5 pages

A is for Aberration. An aberration is someone who has done something bad to lose his or her place as a Citizen. Ky had become a second generation Aberration meaning it was someone before him to do something to disrespect his family.

B is for Bram. Bram is Cassia’s younger brother, whom she left, along with the rest of her family to find Ky.

C is for Compass. Ky gave Cassia his compass, an Artifact from his parents that Cassia traded for information on Anomalies, which she thought would help her find Ky.

D is for Dystopia. The Society was supposed to be a perfect world, but it turned out to be worse than the ways people used to live.

E is for Escape. Cassia escaped from the Society to find Ky, who was taken away by the Officials.

F is for Farmers. During her journey, Cassia came across an abandoned town where the farmers (Anomalies that fled the Society early on) once lived.

G is for Grandfather. He was Cassia’s idol. He influenced her and taught her to be strong. He gave her two poems, one of which she shared with Ky.

H is for Hill. The Hill was a place that was special to Cassia and Ky. It was where they first bonded and where he taught her how to write.

I is for Indie. Indie went on the journey with Cassia to escape to the Outer Provinces. This also included looking for Ky.

J is for Jargon. The Society has words that have special meanings and they have become proper nouns including Society, Citizen, Aberration, and Anomaly.

K is for Ky. Ky is an Aberration who was sent to live with is aunt and uncle after his parents were killed. He was sent away again after the Society found out he and cassia had fallen in love. This time, he was banished to the Outer Provinces.

L is for Love. Although Cassia loved her Match, Xander, who was originally her best friend, she slowly fell in love with Ky.

M is for Match. Citizens of the Society are matched into arranged marriages that are supposed to be perfect couples.

N is for Navigate. Ky gave Cassia a compass, which was his Artifact, for safekeeping. After Ky was taken away, Cassia used it to see where she was and where to go.

O is for Oria. Oria is Cassia’s hometown. It is a quiet suburban town, similar to Bridgewater.

P is for Poems. The poems are important to Cassia because her grandfather gave them to her before he passed away. She also shares one of these poems with Ky.

Q is for Quest. Cassia went on a quest to find Ky and reunite with him after the Officials took him away.

R is for Rising. The Rising is an idea to turn society back to they way it was before the Society took control.

S is for Society. The Society is a form of all-powerful government that has control over all aspects of people’s lives.

T is for Tablets. Each Citizen of the Society is given three pills, each for specific uses to “help” them when they are in need. Two out of three pills are harmful.

U is for Utopia. The society that Cassia...

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