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“God’s presence in the trial is much better than exemption from the trial.”- C.H. Mackintosh
James 1 commands Christians to count the trials we face as joy. The Lord uses these trials to test our faith and to strengthen our hope in him. Through the story of Israel’s Exodus from Egypt, the Old Testament provides an example of how God intends to be glorified through trials. The crossing of the Red Sea provides “a unique display of God’s power,” (Epp 50). The act in itself was a divine miracle that cannot be explained by any other force outside of God’s power. God fulfills his promise of deliverance for his people out of Egypt not only because he is faithful, but because his Lordship must be shown over Pharaoh and the Egyptians. God’s guidance of his people through the trial of crossing the Red Sea demonstrates the love he has for his people in his willingness to act on their behalf. He reveals his complete Lordship through the deliverance of his people out of Egypt through the crossing of the Red Sea. God allows his people to face a trial so salvation could only be found in him and glory could only be given to him.
Out of the oppression of the Israelites in Egypt, God brought forth Moses to become the deliverer of his people. Living as Pharaoh’s son for forty years, moving to Midian upon hearing of his true roots, encountering Yahweh through the burning bush, God was preparing his chosen man to lead the Israelites out of slavery. God sent Moses on multiple occasions to command Pharaoh to set his people free. Pharaoh’s heart was hardened repeatedly so the LORD inflicted ten plagues on the people of Egypt. A battle between Egyptian gods and the God of the Israelites had begun. This war reached its climax when the Angel of death killed the first born male of the Egyptians. While God provided a Passover lamb for his people, the Egyptians were traumatized and Pharaoh sent the Israelites away out of anger (Ex. 12:31 ).
With the promised destination of Canaan within their reach, God guided the Israelites along an unlikely route. While their desired route was Northeast, God steered them Southeast towards the wilderness (Epp 46). God wants his people to be led by the way of the desert towards the Red Sea. “God commanded Moses to take the impossible route… to show the Egyptians who is God,” (Longman 440). This route seems foolish and unnecessary to the world, however God knew the best route for his people (Wiersbe 63). They traveled from Sukkoth to Etham with God’s presence as a pillar of cloud and fire as their guide. The pillar of cloud guided them by day and fire by night. “The pillars never left its place in front of the people. (Ex. 13:33)” The Israelites were never left wondering in the dark, the Lord’s presence was with them (Ritchie 42). Upon reaching the Red, or “Reed” Sea, the LORD commanded Moses to order the Israelites to set up camp. God was well aware of Pharaoh’s thought process as he assumed the Israelites were confused in their...

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