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Crowdsourcing With Clickworker

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Many Americans assume that corporations have perfected the art of exploiting their employees’ diverse wealth of knowledge. In the book The Wisdom of Crowds, Surowieki, disagrees with this assumption. He believes that business have neglected to use this valuable resource of knowledge that their employees could offer, when solving problems (19). The lack of faith in a company’s work pool, to assist in making levelheaded decisions, could be attributed to arrogance, or a dependence on “expert” opinions. Surowieki, also strongly emphases that it’s not the amount of experts an organization has, that makes a difference in decision making. Instead he asserts that, “satisfying the ...view middle of the document...

The scout bee would be the website, Instead of the scout bee coming back to the hive and doing a waggle dance, letting every little worker know there work to be done. Clickworker, notifies its “employee pool” or registered independent contractors, that there is paid work available for completion (24).
With this, one might ask, “What do you have to do, to qualify to be a click worker?” Well, Clickworker’s solution was to create a battery of tests. Each passed test will determine what jobs one is qualified to complete. The first test I completed had me research different websites for addresses, phone numbers, and owners of the website’s company. It seems to be a simple task, right? Not so simple when they are websites from different countries, that have different phone number and address sequences than the United States. I ended up scoring eighty-seven percent on this test, which was not high enough to be qualified for any tasks in this area. The second test was in English grammar. I surprised myself and scored ninety-seven percent on this test. Nevertheless, scoring what I would consider an A, was still not good enough to qualify for a job. Mind you, they did not let me repeat this test. Therefore, there isn’t any room in this area for nothing but “experts” in English grammar. The third test consisted of providing a short magazine style description of a city, in one-hundred characters or less. Needless, to say I was not convinced I would be able to pass this test either. It is cut and dried proof that my level of knowledge in a particular expertise, at times does matter in finding a solution. Contrary, to Surowieki’s belief that decentralization helps make a group smarter, Clickworker’s has done the opposite. Clickworker’s have used a method to centralize the work to only be given to those who have proven to be the smartest in a certain subject.
Where do I go from here? Well, all is not lost. Although, the concept of decentralization seems to take a back seat, to what makes a crowd wise with my experience. There still is a method to the madness of wise crowdsourcing that I believe Clickworker has honed in on. First off, Clickworker’s is not offering math solutions, painting, or design services. At least it is not offered yet. Clickworker’s need people with a somewhat complete understanding of the English language. Whether it is to identify errors, or lessen the chances of errors being made. It would make sense that out of the billions of web surfers, prospecting for easy money that a company would find people who want to and are able to do the work. It does not mean that because of my low scores I am no longer a valuable resource. In fact it is the total opposite, because now I am a possible “scout bee,” on the lookout for other “worker bees,” that can do the job.

Surowieki, suggests that the method of identifying the "underdogs” and getting rid of them
quickly, is also a factor to success for a business ideology. It’s a very...

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