Crucial Methods In Order To Achieve Successful Teaching

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The purpose of this paper is to review three peer review articles on excellence in teaching a first grade class and or an elementary level class. In order to be successful in a classroom a teacher must be up to date with the latest methods for enhancing their lessons and abilities for students to learn. It is important for teachers to have supportive interactions with their students in order for the student’s achievements to be successful. It is also important that teachers provide hands on common teaching techniques in their lesson and class. Last but not least it is very important for teachers to make their students feel like with instructional and emotional support from their teacher that they will not fail.
In the first article “The Journal of Educational Psychology” states that teacher-student interactions are very important and can change a students path in achievement. They suggest that when teacher-student interactions take place in a positive matter whether one on one, small groups, or the whole class, that these teacher-student interactions deliver the students with the correct support needed for their learning potential. Also, these positive interactions then can help set the student up for other positive paths in the classroom. Examples of these interactions are categorized into three realms of support: emotional, organizational, and instructional. Teachers who offer a high amount of emotional support to their students in the classroom are creating a safe environment for their students where they can then feel as if they can take positive ventures in their students learning ability. Also it’s stated that an organized classroom can help provide productive routines and also helps support students attentiveness as well as their behavior. When a teacher provides a proficient organized routine in the classroom it helps not only the students but also the teacher and even the parents of the students. Last but most certainly not least teachers must provide instructional support. With instructional support teachers encourage a higher order of thinking for their students to practice and learn new concepts. With these establishments in process it allows the student to encourage their use of language amongst the classroom in order to grasp a better understanding. Teachers who propose and practice high-quality instructional support construct and build on their skills in the real world as they mature and begin to focus less on the small picture but rather the larger picture of the concepts. In all, this is why I reason that these motives, of excellent teacher-student interactions are associated with higher complex accomplishments in the elementary classrooms.
In the second peer review article according to Kelley, Stricklin in “The reading teacher” explains how hands on action in teaching are a great comprehension technique. Focusing student’s attention with practicing comprehension skills may be a huge success for teachers, but not necessarily...

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