Crucible Book Report, Gr.11

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It was a play with tremendous feelings with many inside twists hidd en inthe archives of the true story. It was a play with emotional feelings;feelings of anger , hate, and evil, yet feelings of manipulation, good, andpureness. It was the Crucible. A fireball of guilt, evil, and good compiledinto one magnification. The Crucible: Good versus Evil.The play contained many scenarios of good versus evil, and the characterswho generally possessed these feelings and intentions. But it must beunderstood t hat there were the intentions, the incentives, and then theactions taken out on a person or a group of people. Every character couldeither be placed in the intentions under good or bad intentions. Aft erthat, almost every character has mixed feelings of evil or good actions.The fight between the centre of evil and the centre of good is theforemost important of the points. Abigail Williams is the nucleus of allevil in the story. Sh e is the one who triggers off this sense of hate inthe play. She tempts Proctor into lechery, and comm its unlawful acts whichall are against the Puritan religion. To escape punishment for dancing, shedeflects the actions and blames them on someone else, and does not care howmany lives she ruins. La ter when she grows into power and influence, sheseems to enjoy sending these innocent peopl e their deaths. She takespleasure in her lies, and thrives on the attention and power that th eybring her. All these are the aspects of being the evil character. Power,attention, and acts of w rongful doing. Therefore she can be labelled withbeing the evil character in the novel. She uses evi l actions disguised asgood by admitting who was with the devil. Of course the people she accusesa re actually innocent, but she has the ability to manipulate people intobelieving that she is doin g good. This again is evil.The centre of good can be labelled as John Proctor. He is considere d the'hero' of the story, because he fits into the points that make up the heroof a story. Pr octor is a heroic martyr at the end of the play, when hefalsely admits that he was with Satan all a long. He then refuses to tellthe judge and accuse anyone of being with Satan too like Abigail did. Therefore he may be considered a martyr, for dying for a cause of saving thelives of other innocen t people. John Proctor also tries to defend hiswife, and attempts to make the judge realize how Abiga il is manipulatinghim. This is where the conflict arises between good and evil. It issurvival o f the fittest. Who will survive at the end? Abigail Williams orJohn Proctor? This is the main battle o f the story.John Proctor is not a saint in this story either. He does possess s omefragments of evil in his soul. His intentions are to do good and...

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1619 words - 7 pages ): 10-11. Business Source Complete. Web. 17 Feb. 2014. Gray, Tom, and Washington, DC. National Archives and Records Administration. Telegram From Senator Joseph Mccarthy To President Harry S. Truman. The Constitution Community: Postwar United States (1945 To Early 1970S). n.p.: 2000. ERIC. Web. 17 Feb. 2014. Miller, Arthur. "WHY I WROTE "THE CRUCIBLE"" The New Yorker. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Feb. 2014.

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