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Crude Extracts In Tsaang Gubat (Carmona Retusa) As Potential Therapeutic Agents For Treating Cancer

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I. Introduction
1.1 Background of the Study:
Philippine Tea Tree or also known as “Tsaang-Gubat” is a shrub that grows wild in the tropical climate of the Philippines. This species of medicinal plant is permitted by the Philippine Department of Health-Philippine Institute of Traditional Alternative Health Care (DOH-PITAHC) as one of the scientifically validated plants that flourishes in nature to be used as medicine which is more inexpensive and available than synthetic drugs (Principe & Jose, 2002). Species of genus Carmona is proved to successfully aid in various ailments (CP, M, & Kumar, 2012). It is attested that this species of plant can be anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-mutagenic, anti-tumor, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory (Chandrappa et al., 2013; CP, Govindappa, Nv, & Channabasava, 2012; CP, M, et al., 2012; Lam, 2012; Principe & Jose, 2002; Reglos-zara, Cedo, Guzman, & Felicito, 2010; Starr, Starr, & Loope, 2003; Villaseffor, Edu, & Bremnet, 1992) And it is also found out that this species contains phytochemical constituents like alkaloids, flavonoids, saponins, phenols, tannins, anthraquinones, cardiac glycosides, phlobatannins, terpenoids and cardenolides that has a high potential in treating many illnesses(Chandrappa et al., 2013; CP, Govindappa, et al., 2012; CP, M, et al., 2012; Reglos-zara et al., 2010; Villaseffor et al., 1992). And because of its efficacy, this herbal plant can be bought commercially in capsules, tablets and tea bags (Lam, 2012; Starr et al., 2003).
There is also a
1.2. Statement of the Problems:
The proponents of this study would like to address the following questions:
1. What are the efficacies of the crude extracts of Carmona retusa in treating other illnesses?
2. Can this be possibly used to treat cancer?

1.3. Research Objective(s):
The main objective of this study is to be able to get the crude extracts of Carmona retusa to treat cancer.
Specifically, the proponents would like to determine how the extracted components of Carmona retusa can be possibly used to treat cancer.

1.4. Hypothesis:
Alternative Hypothesis: There is an absence of efficacy of crude extracts contained in Carmona retusa that can treat cancer.
Null Hypothesis: There is a presence of efficacy of crude extracts contained in Carmona retusa that can treat cancer.

1.5. Significance of the Study:
The significance of the study can be thoroughly explained through three aspects. First, this study investigates the efficacy of this plant to treat other illnesses especially in anti-cancer activity. Second, the result can give information on the possibility that this plant can be used as an anti-cancer. And lastly, the result can give information on the efficacy of this herbal plant and as soon as the researchers found out the usefulness of this plant, it may help the community in deducting the cases of cancer.
1.6. Scope and Limitations:
The scope of this study is as follows:
• Phytochemical constituents identification of...

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