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Cruelty Free Cosmetics Essay

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It still comes as a surprise to me that with all the technology in today’s society, we are still relying on animals for cosmetic research. Some people think that it is acceptable and even justified to test on mere animals rather than risk hurting people. So, for these kinds of people, animal testing makes perfect sense. However, in my opinion, animals are living creatures and have the right to live out their lives as nature intended rather than simply surviving in cages while being poked and prodded with whatever scientists fancy. I think it is depressing and sort of grotesque that I am using products that have been tested on animals that are even commonly bred as our pets. So, I began my ...view middle of the document...

With rabbits, during the test their eyelids are being held up with clips, some during the test end up snapping their necks as the try to escape. Some animals are just observed as they suffer from labored breathing, convulsions, diarrhea, constipation, emaciation, skin eruptions, abnormal posture, and bleeding from eyes, nose or mouth.convulsions. All just from some chemical reaction so companies can see what is good and bad to put into a product they intend to sell to us the people. It really makes me think if all of that can happen to the animals, do I really want to be a part in furthering the mistreatment of animals by purchasing products from companies that test on animals. I now know I will be thinking twice before I putting on my cosmetics on my face and think what that might be doing to me if all this sickening stuff is happening to the animals. M.A.C. cosmetics, Flirt Cosmetics, Este Lauder, and Olay are some of the big name companies I found still testing on animals. All products manufactured in China are required by law to be tested on animals.
I was pleased to learn that there are alternatives out there to end all this. “A laboratory named Cee Tox uses human cell based in vitro (test tube) toxicity screening to test drugs, chemicals, cosmetics, and consumer products”. Another company has developed a 3-D in vitro test tube “human liver” that can be used to test exactly how components and chemicals will be broken down by the human body. These types of alternatives replace the process of pumping new chemicals and components into...

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