Crusades Influence Of Religion In Europe

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The Crusades were military campaigns sanctioned by the Latin Roman Catholic Church during the High Middle Ages through to the end of the Late Middle Ages. The Crusades were initiated by the European feudal king, and composed by European knight. The obvious identifying of the soldier who took part in Crusades had the symbol like letter “+” on their helmet and armor. It continued 200 years, and made the Europe war-torn. It’s hard to judge the Crusades was right or wrong, because Crusades pushed development of Catholic and Europe, but for Islam, it was the disaster. In this essay, I will lead you to find the secret of Crusades, to judge Crusades by using modern perspective.
The reason
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This behavior incurred people constantly uprising, and their regime instability.
After the first time Crusades, they created the small country around Mediterranean, and in order to consolidate this achievement, they established three Chivalric orders, Knights Hospitaller, Ordre du Temple, and Teutonic Order.
Then the popes continued to call for Crusades; they blessing was seen as essential, then the battle was called “God wills”. At second and third time, the Crusades had internal contradiction, so that they still didn’t occupied the Jerusalem, the city of Holy. As the same as before, the fourth war failed, however, the Pope Innocent Ⅲ, who mobilize the fourth war, decided to defeat Egypt and establish a military base at first. But they turned and headed towards Constantinople, the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. The Crusades build two subsidiary countries of Constantinople. The Crusaders failed every time in other times war, even the King of France, Louis IX, was captured in Egypt. After fourth war, the Crusades couldn’t get achievement from wars, they always ware defeated by illness or contradiction in Crusades.
The influence
Although the Crusades failed, but it was impact on the Catholic Church in Europe, West Asia and the Middle East enormously. Crusade continued nearly 200 years, not only the idea that Catholic attempt to build the world's religion had failed, but also Catholic’s prestige had been declined because Crusades’ fundamental purpose is aggressive and rob.
However, we can’t ignore the effect from the Crusades. On the one hand, Crusades stirred up conflicts between Catholicism and Islam. It led the conflict between these two big religions many centuries after Crusades. But now, they are all the one of the three biggest religions around the world and still have conflictions. In the other hands, the effect of Crusades to Europe was still important. There ware productive indirectly, but effectively. The effects of the crusades influenced:

1. The role, wealth and power of the Catholic Church
2. Political effects
3. Social development
4. Intellectual development
5. Effects of the Crusades - Material Development
6. Effects of the Crusades - Voyages of Discovery”[1]
7. Effects of Islam World
8. Chivalric orders
The role, wealth and power of the Catholic Church and Political effects
The result should be counted from Crusades is the great increase power of Pope and Church. The Pope is who can call to army, who showered on the warriors of the cross privileges and benedictions, and who led them on through his legates. The power and authority of Pope in the Church had been increased. Besides all this, the land from the king of country, and the power from kings were given to Pope, these all made the role of Catholic Church became more and more important in Europe. Even in the fourth war, the Crusaders occupied Constantinople, and then led the Orthodox Patriarch move out Constantinople was forced until 1261 was re-moved back. This...

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