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In the United States Marijuana is being categorized as a Class A Drug, but in reality marijuana has been known to help cure and fight many sicknesses and diseases Marijuana is being criticized by people that never studied the drug or even know about the medicinal benefits from the drug. Marijuana should not be illegal or even be considered as a Class A narcotic.
Marijuana in the early 1930 was being used as a cash crop was being grown more than corn and even tobacco because of its good man throughout the United States and other countries marijuana strain fibers from the plant that were being used to make a lot of details on items such as stream paper clothes etc. yes these decoration of ...view middle of the document...

There is another medicinal purpose for marijuana which is called CBD (Cannabinoids) the human brain constructs of endocannabinoids that are receptors found in the brain known as CB1 and CB2 so when you inhale marijuana smoke the cannabinoids attach to the endocannabinoids which cause euphoric and beneficial medicinal effects like helping patients that require CBD in order to reduce the risk of seizures when there life depends on this marvelous plant marijuana to keep CBD patients in health.
The drug we call Marijuana has already been made legal in two states which are Colorado and Washington. These states allow any user above 21 years of age to walking any medical shop and purchase marijuana if they please. There’s already other states are trying to pass Marijuana laws like California were your permitted to have or consume marijuana if you are a proposition 215 patient. Having the permit of proposition 215 allows patients to grow up 99 plants and also carry up to three pounds of Marijuana.
Even though, society looks at marijuana as a gate way drug when in reality it’s more like a pastime or hobby in the way it helps the human body deal with different kinds of health and mental problems. This plant that was put on this planet that helps cures and regulates a countless amount of patients around the world is still illegal but yet we have alcohol and tobacco that are legal and have caused a certain amount of deaths while marijuana has not had one death recorded throughout history....

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