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Crushes. We’ve all had them. On several occasions, these crushes can hold such a significant impact on our everyday decisions and influence us strongly. Jay Gatsby is a prime example of someone who takes this influence to an unhealthy level. Daisy Buchanan is his “crush”, the woman he toiled five years for; she is the basis of his wealth-the reason why he strives to achieve great economical success. His “crush” on her leads him to perceive her inaccurately, he envisions a more glorified version of her true persona and falls in love with this idea of her rather than the actual her. Chapter Five of
by F.Scott Fitzgerald is significant to the novel as a whole because it unveils and develops more on the character of Jay Gatsby, who Fitzgerald previously established vaguely with an aura of mystery, and the significance that Daisy Buchanan has on his life, the crux of the novel.
As mentioned in the previous chapters, Fitzgerald introduces Gatsby with a shroud of mystery. People who went to his extravagant parties did not know much about him at all, even though they attended his parties every weekend. Some believed Gatsby “killed a man once…[and] was a German spy during the war” (29) and that “he’s a nephew or a cousin of Kaiser Wilhelm’s”(22). These farfetched speculations help falsely build Gatsby’s character up to be some mysterious and dangerous individual. In this chapter, however, Fitzgerald reveals a Gatsby that completely contrasts all of the aforementioned descriptors. As he gets ready for Daisy’s arrival, Gatsby is frantic, nervous and very doubtful of himself. This is a stark contrast to the calm, cool and collected Gatsby that Fitzgerald characterizes in preceding chapters. The vulnerable, more flawed side of Gatsby is finally unveiled. He is no longer the suave, chill individual that Nick initially feared out of respect. When Gatsby arrives at Nick’s home for the reunion, “[h]e was pale, and there were dark signs of sleeplessness beneath his eyes”(54). Fitzgerald describes Gatsby’s face in a way that sets a desperate atmosphere. The tension and apprehensiveness in the air before Daisy arrives is strong. Fitzgerald goes on to describe Gatsby’s voice as blank, vague and hollow and his eyes as vacant (54) which further develops this somewhat desolate and hopeless atmosphere. This atmosphere successfully conveys Gatsby’s overwhelming fear: that he will still not meet Daisy’s spot on the social ladder and satisfy her. A few minutes into the reunion, Gatsby’s insecurity gets to him and he is ready to leave because the reunion is not as he imagined it would be. Gatsby believes the whole setup is a “a terrible, terrible, mistake”(56). After five years of bootlegging, yearning from across the dock and holding elaborate parties, Gatsby still doesn’t feel sufficient enough for Daisy. Nick’s comment,“ ‘You’re acting like a little boy…[n]ot only that, but you’re rude”(56), brings Gatsby back to earth and his original, more confident character comes...

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