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Cryptography In Computer Systems Essay

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The use of e-commerce in business motivates the issue of data and information security with computer networks. Common goals of protecting confidentiality, integrity, avail abilities of information are areas in the field of data loss and prevention. Data loss avoidance is divided into two areas: 1. Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET) 2. Cryptography. The PET architecture contains anonymity, identity management, privacy policy, tabular data, and social network analysis. Cryptography is method of keeping data secure when transfer over networks by using ciphers that prevent unauthorized people from using it. The most prospective modern day cipher is the open key system. An algorithm named the RSA is the basis for most all the Internet security transactions and is a mathematical foundation for all open key systems. Data loss is minimized by adopting PET methods and cryptography in computer systems.

Privacy Enhancing Technologies have been refined over the past 10 years. The following paragraphs discuss and review these technologies.

Communications anonymity and anonymizers systems seek to remove the identity of the person sending the information through the Internet. These consist of systems that protect the IP address and other network address from the communication partners. The most popular software is Freenet. Communications by Freenet nodes are encrypted and are routed through other nodes to make it extremely difficult to determine who is requesting the information and what its content is. Freenet's main attraction is parents who have children and don't want their identity exposed to other people on the Internet. Other uses make it difficult for governments track them on the Internet. This is useful for people who have oppressive governments and some countries make the use of Freenet illegal.

Identity management services use the anonymity method and add attributes to establish pseudo credentials that can be removed from the Internet. Some systems are developed to use this idea in commercial projects. Perhaps the easiest method of understanding the pseudo credential is creating a free e-mail with a provider such as During the creation process, registration is up to the user to create the identity. The person types in a fake name and address then a pseudo credential is available for use on the web. By using a anonymizer such a re-mailer when sending out e-mail's the pseudo credential is completely hidden.

Recent research is to develop privacy policy languages that allow users to set the privacy controls they desire. Such privacy policy languages encode their data in a machine readable XML format. An example of this is the P3P Platform for Privacy Preferences. The XML file settings are used to automatically determine what type of information to release to other users on the Internet. The technology aim is to enable distributed systems to enforce a common privacy policy and allow users to discover and reason about the information...

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