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Cryptography Is Essential For Information Systems

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Cryptography has a powerful tool used with computers and the computer network security. This paper will explore the threats, the can and cannot do the threats, system design, implementation, state of security, etc. All systems using cryptography for authentication and privacy with the strongest cryptographic can still be vulnerable with upstream and downstream threats. The secure session of the authentication will require the secure user to have authentication and secure computer authentication.
After reading Why Cryptography Is Harder than It Looks, Bruce Schneir explained it very well making it easy to understand why you need to use it.
Cryptography is the essential for the information systems, helping to provide accountability, accuracy, confidentiality, and fairness. Cryptography is designed to prevent fraudulent activity with the electronic commerce insuring the validity of all financial transactions. Also proving that is can help to protect the identity/anonymity while keeping the vandals from making changes to the Web page and prevent all industrial competitors from getting into the confidential documents the company has.
“As the Net and the Web move into more central positions in the life of the world, the functions that cryptography provides (including secrecy, integrity, and digital signatures) become more important, and cryptographic functions can be found in more places, doing more things.” (Morar, Chess, & Watson)
As the commerce and communication continue to move, forward with computer networks the use of cryptography will become more vital. “The cryptography now on the market does not provide the level of security it advertises. Most systems are not designed and implemented in concert with cryptographers, but by engineers who thought of cryptography as just another component. It is not. You cannot make systems secure by tacking on cryptography as an afterthought. You have to know what you are doing every step of the way, from conception through installation.” (Schneier 1997)
More money is being spent on computer security, but at the same time being wasted because of insecure products being purchased. There are two e-mail encryption products having the same interface one being secure and the other permitting eavesdropping.
A strong cryptography can withstand all targeted attacks to the point that it becomes
easier to get the information from other ways. “A computer encryption program, no matter how good, will not prevent an attacker from going through someone’s garbage.” (Schneier 1997) A...

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