Csr Benefit Or Exploitation? Essay

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In China, due to large population and scarce education resources, the education condition in countryside is poor. Farmers have few opportunities to obtain qualified education, and therefore earn less than citizens in urban cities do (Sicular T. , Ximing, Gustafsson, & Shi, 2007), which again makes it impossible for them to get better education. Finally, it aggravates poverty and causes a lower-level economy. However, this circumstance attract natural resource-dependent enterprises, which need the natural resources to sustain productivities to construct factories at abundant-resource countryside because of the cheaper rents and human resources. There is an argument that Companies exercise corporate social responsibility (CSR) only for their own interest, so enterprises sometimes don't care about whether their action can truly benefit the society. However, for the natural resources- dependent companies, exercising education-oriented CSR can really benefit both these industries and the areas in short term and long term.

In the short term, education-oriented CSR can solve industries’ recruitment problems and improve villagers’ living conditions. For enterprises that located at the countryside, recruitment is tough. China’s urban cities are much more livable than countryside, hence the young in urban cities are reluctant to forgo the cozy life to work in rural countryside; nonetheless, the villagers are not well educated enough to work in the industries. Education-oriented CSR can resolve the enterprises’ impasse by teaching villagers the necessary techniques to work in the factories. Citizens can obtain education and have a better-paid job to ameliorate their living conditions, and enterprises can employ workers easier. Wahaha Group Co., Ltd, a giant Chinese beverage company, provides technique education to local villagers and then recruits them to its factories. At company’s external divisions in rural area, more than 20,000 workers are local villagers and 80% of its total workers are local employees. In Wahaha, workers are also shareholders, so by working in its factories the villagers can earn much more than working the land to improve their lives (Wahaha Group Co., Ltd, 2014) (Wahaha Group Co., Ltd, 2012).

However, there is a concern that the offering education chance can become an excuse to coerce longer work time or charge less salary, like what many colliery enterprises do in rural areas. It is undeniable that a few of enterprises will use the education to cloak their exploitation, but the situation will improve as the education becomes more general. People will be more aware of their rights. When exploitation happens, they will perceive and know how to defend. This reduces the chance for companies to exploit. On the other hand, if the government intervenes and fulfills its responsibilities to supervise the enterprises, exploitation...

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