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We as a team do not agree that Community Treatment Orders (CTO) is a way to maximize the liberty of persons diagnosed with psychiatric illnesses by ensuring the continued participation in community living

First of all, the effectiveness of CTO's has only not been proven it also undermines people's basic human rights. This debate will indicate that we are firmly against CTO's as a way of community involvement, and we do not believe that they maximize a person's liberty at all. Our issues are simple, CTO's are imbedded within the medical model that basically uses drugs to integrate people with mental health conditions into our society. We stand firm to express our views against why CTO's are not beneficial to people with mental health conditions because it looks at people with these conditions as patients who require treatment. Any social model will tell you that in order for people to be integrated into society, aspects such as social, emotional, physical being of a person is important to work on. Medication as a treatment for these people should not be the premise of them being integrated back into society. A treatment such as medication does not teach a person to socialize in society.

Bill 68 proposes amendments to the Mental Health Act that would allow persons needing psychiatric treatment to live outside of a psychiatric facility under a community treatment order.� The criteria that must be met before a physician may issue a community treatment order are set out under section 14 of the Bill (proposed subsection 33.1(2) of the Act).� Community treatment orders may only be issued for persons who, during the three-year period prior to the order, were patients in a psychiatric facility on two or more separate occasions or for a cumulative period of 30 days or more, and who, on examination, have been found to be suffering from mental disorder that if not treated would likely result in the person causing himself, herself or another person serious bodily harm or in substantial mental or physical deterioration of the person or serious physical impairment of the person. Once the order is issued the person subject to it under the obligations set out in subsection 33.1(6) respecting attendance at appointments with the issuing physician and others providing treatment under the plan and compliance with the terms of the order (e-laws.gov.on.ca.) This may initially sound great, however as you will read CTO's are in fact harmful for those diagnosed with a psychiatric illness to obtain any kind of liberty in the community.

CTO or Community Committal have also been described as "leash laws" and "hospitalization without walls" as the Bill is a coercive measure and forces people to take medication or they are threatened to be hospitalized. You may wonder how a Bill such as this could be passed (The No Force Coalition) Those that are in agreement with this law may try convincing you that...

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