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Ctp Summary Essay

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Critical thinking is the timely, in depth process of exploring activities and views in numerous ways. By “thinking outside of the box,” or stepping out of the “norm,” individuals are forced to look at situations in areas different from initial viewpoint, allowing an increased in knowledge and an introduction to new, customs of viewing the world as a whole. By critical thinking, a world of less bias would be created due to the increase in overall acceptance of viewpoints due to the thorough process of critically exploring topics. The textbook goes on to explain critical thinking as being a process of being presented with a problem, both gathering and assessing information concerning the problem, and coming to a solution. Bias can become an issue when reading certain materials and can sometimes hinder an individual’s ability to think critically about their own. Bias can be defined as certain statements of facts, observations, or claims that only should be accepted for the time being, but have attributes that can be challenged. People can never completely rid themselves of bias, and that’s where being a skeptic comes into play. To be a skeptic means to be active and open minded. A skeptic is someone who sees the big picture of things. A skeptic not only looks for evidence to support the claim stated, but they go to great lengths to examine the evidence as well as who is presenting the information. Skeptics should not be so open minded that they believe all information being presented. On the other hand, they cannot be so closed minded to reject all information presented to them. They separate fact from opinion as well as assess the accuracy of a statement. The 1960’s was a time period in which new discoveries and innovations were on the rise. Neil Alden Armstrong and Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr. became the first humans to land on the Moon, fulfilling apart of the American Dream. The first presidential debate was also televised during this time. Anthropologist Jane Goodall began studying the Kasakela chimpanzee community in Gombe Stream National Park, and in 1963, a National Geographic article, “Adventures in the Search of Man”, was published by Louis B. Leakey. This article was written to inform the reader about different species discovered in the 1960’s and how they related to current species of the time. Also, how those species have evolved over the years are defined in this article. The title, “Adventures in the Search for Man” fits the article well, perfectly reflecting the content of the text. The article involves Archeologist Louis B. Leakey and his wife Mary exploring various parts of Africa, such as Kenya, the island of Rusinga in Lake Victoria, Olduvai Gorge, as well as many other locations. “I have something important to show you,” were the words of Louis’s African Assistant, Heslon Mukiri as he ran into Louis with awe and excitement. Eager to find out what all the excitement was about, Louis leaned in closer to examine...

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