Interview At The Virginis Beach Healthcare And Rehabilition Center

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Virginia Beach Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center located close to the Oceanfront, caters to mostly older adults, although there are patients who can be in their lower twenties. Many of the patients stay within the facility for the rest of their lives. However, some patients are rehabilitated until they have recovered or they can move to another location, such as a home facility.
Cindy Halonski, one of the recreation therapists, gives every patient who comes in a welcome page. This paper lists information such as different rooms such as the courtyards, different activities available, where a television is located and letting the patients know that there is also a beauty shop on location. While this welcome sheet is not required, it introduces beforehand what is available and the patient can be reminded by looking at the page.
All patients must have an Oral History Interview by a certain time period (the current one must be done by December). The purpose, according to the paper, is to get to know the patient better. It goes through different aspects of an individual’s life. The interview paper is divided into three categories: Childhood, Adulthood, and Life Interpretation which are then further divided. The oral history is another way to build rapport with a patient and find out more about them than what a CTRS can get from a medical chart or from an assessment.
All assessments given at the Virginia Beach Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center do not come from the Assessment Tools for Recreation Therapy and Related Fields. Due to funding and what patients’ health insurance will cover, all assessments are provided by the MDS3. MDS3, which previously was the MDS2, is Medicare Documentation. Halonski stresses the point that some needs are not met by these assessments.
While some assessments are given to the patient on the fourth day of admission, Halonski tries to get most done on the patient’s first day. A patient is first given the Activities Initial Assessment. The information for the assessment can be from the patient (if not the CTRS must mark why), the family (if no data is collected from the family, the therapist must mark whether or not the family was available or if there is a family), the medical record, legal guardian, and/or the staff. The initial assessment gathers information such as the patient’s birthdate, if he/she is literate, preferred language, religious affiliation, if he/she is a voter and whether or not the individual is married. This assessment also includes a list of activities that the patient can say whether they are interested, interested, but cannot do, or if they have no interest.
The reassessment is given for one of two purposes, if there is an obviously significant change with the patients or if it is for the annual review. This document also asks the CTRS to provide what source the data came. However along with having a list of activities that the patient may or may not be interested in, the assessment...

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