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Cultural Similarities and Differences: Salvadoran and Ethiopian Students
Cultural Similarities and Differences: Salvadoran and Ethiopian Students
Sarah E. Zepeda
Western Governor’s University, CUA1
Washington, D.C. is one of the United States’ most diverse metropolitan areas. Three suburbs of Washington, D.C. have made Wallethub’s 2017’s Most Diverse Cities of America list and were ranked within the top ten. As an educator, I have a deep appreciation for the language and cultural diversities in my area. Two cultures that I have had the pleasure to work with extensively are Salvadorans and Ethiopians.
Without an understanding or appreciation of different cultures, educators are not able to fully serve their students and communities. Working at an International Baccalaureate school has helped me to embrace a more internationally-minded perspective, and lends itself to creating globally-minded students. Creating a classroom community that is equitable, fair, and welcoming to all cultures is my goal each year. When an educator takes the time to fully understand the cultures of her students, it will foster a positive relationship between both the educator and her students as well as a supportive parent-teacher relationship.
This paper will discuss the languages spoken, gender roles, family structure, and socioeconomic factors of both Salvadoran and Ethiopian cultures as well as examine their impact on educational practices.
Lifestyle Factors
Ethiopia’s population of 92 million makes them the second most populous country in Africa. It is comprised of 11 states that are currently ethnic based to dissuade strife in the very diverse, but segregated, country. Eighty percent of Ethiopians live in rural areas of the country with the remaining twenty percent residing in urban areas
Malaria, tuberculosis, and respiratory infections are common illnesses that Ethiopians still suffer. Over 1 million people in Ethiopia are currently living with HIV/AIDS. Only 10% of the population have access to proper sanitation, making diarrheal diseases, such as cholera, still a prevalent danger. According to a 2011 UNICEF statistic, 4.6 million children (ages 0-17) have lost either one or both of their parents. The average life expectancy of an Ethiopian citizen is sixty years.
Both the Christian religion as well as the religion of Islam have deep roots in Ethiopia, both having been a part of the country for well over 1,000 years. Ethiopian Orthodox Church has had a huge influence. Major national celebrations include Christmas, Easter, and the Celebration of Meskel. Celebration of Meskel, or the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, is where Ethiopians celebrate Queen Helena is thought to have found the ‘true’ cross on which Christ was crucified. Thousands make the pilgrimage to Meskel Square each year to participate in the celebration.
“Most Ethiopians place less importance on artifacts of culture than they do on an idealized ethos of...

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