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A Summary Of Cuba Essay

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Havana is one of the most architecturally diverse cities. In the beginning of the 20th century, Havana was an international influential powerhouse, enriched with art nouveau, art deco and eclectic design. This boom period was the turn in Cuba’s economical continuous changes throughout the times of change.
Ever since Christopher Columbus’ arrival, Havana was the key location for shipments from the Old World and the New World. These resources supported the colonialists and with the strategic location of Havana, it became the most heavily fortified city in the Americas. La, Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabana can still today as a symbol of the agricultural wealth of the time, located at the Habana Bay entrance. The Spanish and Moorish cultural styles heavily influenced Cuba’s Capital, to include the Italian, Greek and Roman style. You can see the Spanish influence through the Convento de Santa Clara and the Cuban Baroque is representative through the Plaza de la Cathedral.
Cuban Island: Travel
Cuba has been a highly sought out place to go for its natural white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters. Cuba is known for three mountain ranges, two-long provinces of savanna. Sugar Mill, Yumurí, and Viñales are a few areas known around the world for its abundance of produce. Five hundred species of fish inhabit the waters, which are a treat for all who may want to snorkel the waters. For those who may want to venture further into the depths of the sea may scuba dive through the transparent water? You will be able to get up close and personal to the plethora of fish that live in the area along with the 200 different species of sponges, meadows of gorgonians, coral gardens and caves.
Traveling to Cuba is like going back in time. As you explore the great country you see, weathered buildings clearly mirror its social and political history ever since the Spanish colonial times, up to the more modern present day. The cars still have the classic body styles show the development and influence of yesterdays past countries changes in means of transportation.
Cuba had two official currencies: the Cuban convertible peso and the peso. The Cuban convertible peso also referred to the Cuban dollar. The convertible peso was to reduce the circulation of foreign currency and serves as a tourist currency. The convertible peso was equal to one United States dollar at one time. Cubans are paid two types of currencies to equal out the many tourist currency returns and to be part of the economic diversity.
Cuba: History
Taino, Arawals, Gaunajatabuy and Ciboney Native American people were the first to set foot on the Cuban island. Coabana was the original name given to the island by the Taino people. Christopher Columbus arrived in October 1492, thinking he had embarked in China. Christopher Columbus so struck by the beauty of the island that he called it a “tropical ecstasy on earth”. Spain successfully colonized Cuba by 1511, for about 400 years. Unbeknownst to the Indians,...

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