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Cuban Collection Plan Essay

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Raul Castro the current President of Cuba has order the military to conduct a 15 day exercise. This exercise will be named Bastion 14. During the exercise it is the intent of the President to demonstrate the countries military might and that the country is prepared if the United States were to attack Cuba. This exercise is conducted in conjunction with the United States Presidential Primaries in Florida. This will be the largest military exercise that Cuba has ever conducted. The defense strategy will consist of the mobilization of Cuba population to help defend this island. The Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias (FAR) Spanish for Revolutionary Armed Forces comprises three armies covering the ...view middle of the document...

Each intelligence discipline will be tasked oriented to collect indication and warnings on the U.S. response to Operation Bastion 14. Additionally, all disciplines will provide indication and warnings pertaining to military buildup for potential invasion of Cuba.
The Information and Preparation Divisions of the DGI will provide all analysis and fusing all information retrieved from the other disciplines. In addition to this task, the Information and Preparation Division is responsible for all open source intelligence activities. It is assessed the United States has a critical vulnerability in protecting information. This lack of information protection will provide the leadership with indication and warnings of U.S. attentions pertaining Operation Bastion 14. Through the utilization of OSINT, the Information and Preparation Division will exploit the lack of information security by analyzing Fox News, CNN, MSMBC, and other news outlets. (CIA 2013) Additionally, this division has to draw information from the internet, radio, specialized journals, conference proceedings, and think tank studies to provide answers all intelligence requirements. The collection period for this information will begin one week prior to the start of Operation Bastion 14 and conclude two after the commencement of said operation. This span of time will provide three stages of data point to be analyzed. Currently, the United States is reporting the Presidential Primaries. However, due to the proximity of Operation Bastion 14 to the U.S. borders there should be OSINT reporting. This reporting should transition from the coverage of the military operation to U.S. opinion and responses. This means of intelligence collection will be highly effective because the information is timely, relevant, accurate, and highly exploitable because of open source reporting and America’s belief in the freedom of press.
Cuba is located approximately 500 nautical miles from the Jacksonville Fl, which is the home of the closest navy facility. Naval Station Mayport is one of three major Navy installations in the Jacksonville area. Mayport is home to a busy seaport as well as an air facility. (Navy 2012) This facility can accommodate aircraft carrier-size vessels, intermediate sized ships (LHD), destroyers, and this facility houses F18 Super Hornet aircraft. It is the utmost importance this facility is imaged on a regular basis to confirm or deny activity. Moreover, the count and types of vessels are equally important, as this may indicate American intentions. These images should be taken during the daytime as well as nighttime. The images can come from electro optic (EO) or radar (SAR) images. Being that Cuba does not have its own satellites, coordination is required with the Russians to provide imagery intelligence. In addition, there will also be a requirement to collect imagery intelligence on Norfolk Naval Base. Naval Station Norfolk supports the operational readiness of the US Atlantic Fleet,...

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