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Cuckoo Essay

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Who is the Real main Character? Life in a mental institution is not always what it is cracked up to be. Imagine the treatment of a sickness, being the cause of the sickness. In One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, by Ken Kesey, Bromden, a.k.a. Chief Broom, is a patient in a mental institution, which he refers to as the Combine. Bromden shares his experiences as a patient in the Combine from his perspective, which sometimes can be a little Cuckoo. From my point of view, Bromden is the main character of the story. All the encounters inside the Combine are described from his point of view. Because he is the narrator, there is an automatic bias and flavor that only he can give to the story, because of this, the story revolves around him. Many would argue McMurphy to be the main character, but because the story is told from Bromden's point of view it will never have the same thought process and perception that Bromden has. "Here's the Chief, the soo-pah Chief, fellas. Ol' Chief Broom. Here you go, Chief Broom"¦" (9) This is showing that he is the narrator and is stating how he views his surroundings. "Stick a mop in my hand and motion to the spot they aim for me to clean today, and I go." (9) This shows his position in life and how he deals with his situation and job. "Haw, you look at "˜im shag it? Big enough to eat apples off my head an' he mind me like a baby." (9) It is funny how Bromden could easily tear the black boys apart but does whatever they say. It is more important to him to have them think he is deaf and dumb, and for them to treat him like a baby then for them to think of him otherwise. Bromden was stuck in his, so-called, "fog". The fog to him is losing sanity. The thicker the fog the more insane. At first, the fog comforted Bromden, but as the fog gradually got lighter, and finally disappeared he began to enjoy being without it."I was seeing lots of things different. I figured the fog machine had broke down...

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