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In what ways does the author of a novel you have studied make the reader aware of an important theme or themes? One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, by Ken Kesey, is a novel which explores many themes relating to human society, spirit and structure. It written in a unique style, that, in combination with strong symbolism and characterisation, successfully conveys these themes to the reader. The book is also backed up by a strong realism which Kesey managed to acquire from years serving on a mental ward and from his own explorations into mind-altering drugs. But probably the most important way in which Kesey communicates his themes with the reader is through the use of third person narration. Kesey chooses one of the patients, Chief Bromden, as the narrator of the novel. The world which Bromden describes is a hazy, transparent realm, where the borders between insanity and sanity are unclear. "There's long spells -three days, years- when you can't see a thing, know where you are only by the speaker sounding overhead like a bell clanging in the fog (94)" Bromden's view is omniscient. Although he poses to the ward staff as a deaf-mute, he actually hears and comprehends all that happens within the hospital. The Chief was able play the part of a passive observer, stationing himself in important meetings and able to see and hear things which are concealed from other inmates. This insight into what is happening around the ward is vital to the way in which Kesey's themes are brought to the readers awareness. We are able to understand not only Bromdens delusions but also his perceptions into the way the ward and society work. Although Bromden does not always see everything as it literally happens. He hallucinates often, seeing things in terms of machinery, 'She's carrying a woven wicker bag ... I can see inside it; there's no compact or lipstick or woman stuff, she's got that bag full of a thousand parts she aims to use in her duties today - wheels and gears, cogs polished to a hard glitter, tiny pills, needles, forceps, watchmakers' pliers, rolls of copper wire ...' (10). Kesey uses the Chiefs distorted subconscious ramblings and perceptions to give the reader the true subjective account of the action, summed up by the phrase: "It's the truth even if it didn't happen". For instance the Chief's dream/vision of the mechanised butcher shop. The Chief's phobia and paranoia about machines and power are focussed in this passage, where human corpses, one being Old Blastics, are being moved around on mechanical meathooks. But the vision is not just another delusion, as the Chief awakes the next day to find Old Blastic has died during the night. This shows the Chiefs 'truth' is symbolic of what is happening in reality. The Chiefs images and fascinations become central symbols of the book. The constant associations with machinery and the 'Combine' which he describes as being a "huge organisation that aims to adjust the Outside as well as she...

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1725 words - 7 pages that time didn’t know much at all about mental institutions because they were kept quite secret. The mental ward in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest was hidden in the middle of an abandoned field in the middle of nowhere. In the late 1960’s a movement happened, thanks to the novel, which was known as the Anti-Psychiatry movement. This was people who were hostile to most of the fundamental assumptions and practices of psychiatry. They believed

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1121 words - 4 pages ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST BROMDEN RETURNS TO VISIT HARDING AND MARTINI It was his first time going to a mall; it was the first time he was so thronged by; but it was not the first time he had heard others hissing with awe tremors in their voices, "Look at him! He is huge." "Gee, what a giant!" "Look at the muscle. What a MAN!" The Chief wished that Mac could be with him at that moment, and tell everyone that "He is the MAN!" The Chief

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1020 words - 4 pages The role of the hero in Ken Kesey’s novel, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, is played by Randle P. McMurphy, a wrongly committed mental patient with a lust for life. The qualities that garner Mc Murphy respect and admiration from his fellow patients are also responsible for his tragic downfall. These qualities include his temper, which leads to his being deemed "disturbed," his stubbornness, which results in his receiving numerous

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739 words - 3 pages Freedom is defined as 'the condition of being free of restraints'; but freedom for me has a greater and deeper meaning. Freedom is the power to make one's own decisions, the power to laugh, the power to speak one's mind with out boundaries. Freedom is a frame of mind. One is only truly free when they themselves believe it to be so. This mentality of freedom is best seen in Chief Bromden's character. Although he lives in world full of rules, he

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1046 words - 4 pages As medical advances are being made, it makes the treating of diseases easier and easier. Mental hospitals have changed the way the treat a patient’s illness considerably compared to the hospital described in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. “ Please understand: We do not impose certain rules and restrictions on you with out a great deal of thought about their therapeutic value. A good many of you are in here because you could not adjust to the

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1040 words - 4 pages Jeff Saccone 12/16 Per. 4 Cuckoo The value of experience plays a major role in the poem The Waking by, Roethke and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by, Kesey. Both portray a similar message, which seems to suggest that in life you must learn to live by gaining different experiences, which contribute to making you the person that you are. The quote “I learn by going where I go” from The Waking would be the same philosophy that Mc Murphy used in

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820 words - 3 pages One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: Power      Peoples' ability to use power to control and manipulate situations and people is a skill not many people have. Unfortunately this skill can lead to conflict as it did in Ken Kesely's novel One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest when McMurphy and Nurse Ratched meet each other.      McMurphy has been after Nurse Ratched's power right from the beginning. After

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1020 words - 5 pages "One flew east, one flew west, one flew over the cuckoo’s nest" (7) - who would have thought a mere excerpt from an olden time children’s folktale could be used to summarize the interactions of society in its entirety. In Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, the meaning of this epigraph effectively resonates throughout the tale of Randle P. McMurphy, a cunning, gambling man whose defiant actions rattle the inner-workings of an oppressed

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683 words - 3 pages Crazy Control Ken Kesey’s classic One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest uses many themes to illustrate the phenomenon of the lives of a group of mental patients. The theme of abusive control is an important, and maybe the greatest theme in the novel. Abusive control revolves around the novels main characters: Randle McMurphy, Chief Bromden, and the rest of the acutes in the mental institute. The characters realize that in order to get their way, they

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834 words - 3 pages Male aggressive dominance McMurphy is linked with the mythical frontier American when he engages in battle with Harding for the position of "Bull Goose Loony": "Then you tell Bull Goose Loony Harding that R. P. McMurphy is waiting to see him and that this hospital ain't big enough for the two of us. I'm accustomed to being top man. I been a bull goose catskinner for every gyppo logging operation in the Northwest and bull goose gambler all the way

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2310 words - 9 pages Literature Essay: One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest by K. Kesey."Discuss how the world within the ward is mirrored in the world outside." It is suggested that Ken Kesey's One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest contains examples of behaviour and attitudes displayed by characters within the clinical environment of the psychiatric ward which can be compared to behaviour found within contemporary American society. These include examples of leadership and

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1092 words - 4 pages ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOOS NEST Ken Kesey's novel One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest takes place in a mental hospital. The main character, or protagonist is Randle P. McMurphy, a convicted criminal and gambler who feigns insanity to get out of a prisoners work ranch. The antagonist is Nurse Ratched also referred to as The Big Nurse . She is in charge of running the mental ward. The novel is narrated by a patient of the hospital, an American Indian

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2451 words - 10 pages One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest The significance of the title can be interpreted in this quote. The story is about a struggle in a psychiatric ward, where many “cuckoos'; reside, “Ting. Tingle, tingle, tremble toes, she’s a good fisherman, catches hens, puts ‘em in pens… wire blier, limber lock, three geese inna flock… one flew east, one flew west, one flew over the cuckoo

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1346 words - 5 pages   One of the central interpretations famously made in Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest is that of the division between 1950’s mainstream America and that of the emerging counter culture. The term ‘counterculture’ depicts cultural events and movements, mostly formed by the upcoming generation. This generation had grown up under the rule of conservative Governments and became restless and definite against the right wing governmental

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1035 words - 4 pages One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest Literary Analysis PaperRandle McMurphy fits the profile of a tragic hero based on the analysis of certain literary elements. McMurphy's major flaw was hubris which leads to his downfall in life as well as the lives of others in the novel. After closely reading Ken Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, it is apparent that McMurphy is a tragic hero.Kesey uses narration in the first person in One Flew Over the