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Cuffed Essay

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"If I remember correctly, the guy is going to interview you when he returns. I'm no expert, but usually those are done in private" Rick voiced her thoughts. What would the shrink think about them handcuffed together?, she didn't really want to know. She had only come up with one solution, and time was ticking. "Crap, he just arrived" Castle informed her.

Beckett instantly followed the only way out. She yanked Castle out of his seat into the floor and pulled him in her direction, making Castle squeal. "Hide under the desk!"

"Are you crazy? I won't fit" He complained, but Kate was already pushing him under the desk. Castle cursed under his breath and grunted all the while contorting his large frame so that he could hide under the desk. Surprisingly enough, he ended up sitting, with his knees to his chest, and his head resting on his knees. Kate pulled the chair as close to her desk as she could, so that her hand could be hidden from view. Castle tickled her cuffed wrist, whispering "Hi" She kicked him and bent down and looked at him as if warning him not to do anything stupid.

"I swear to god, Castle, If you-"

"Detective?" Dr. Noah asked, seeing Beckett bending over in her chair.

"Yeah, just dropped my..." Kate replied without straightening up. She shot a deer-in-the-headlights look at Castle, who extended his left arm, that was thankfully still holding the pen he had been using. "My pen"

The doctor looked at her as if trying to figure out what was wrong. "If your ready with the tests, we can proceed with the interview. Should we go to a more private place?"

"No!" She said perhaps too loudly, shaking her head emphatically. Then she continued when she had controlled her nervousness a bit "No, no. Here's fine. Please sit" She said as nonchalantly as a detective cuffed with a civilian best selling author who was currently hiding under her desk could. She gestured to Rick's chair.

"Okay then, let's begin" He then started with the series of questions. She prayed that those questions weren't too personal, or anything embarrassing because of the person that was currently eavesdropping.

Rick would have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the interview, if not for his current position. His joints were complaining and his neck was killing him. He needed to move, but he had to do it without alerting the doctor of his presence. He cautiously tried to place his hands on the floor so that he could turn a bit, but didn't considered that his right hand was attached to Beckett's. He ended up pulling her down a bit, which she retaliated kicking him on the shin and having to cough to hide his cry.

Seeing the doctor had stopped, worried about her coughing fit, she smiled saying she was fine and to continue. Rick, was bored and in pain, and thought that bothering the detective was a good idea at the time. He began making his fingers walk trough part of her shin. Kate squirmed and tried to inconspicuously shake his hand off of her, but was...

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