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Cult Activities And Psychological Manipulation Essay

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Cults are organizations that generally portray their own types of religion and generate practices. Cults typically do not follow the common moral code of their surrounding societies. In other words, cults make their own society by drawing in members through close friends and family members. Organizations that have been targeted as cults include the Amway Motivational Organizations and Scientology. Not only are these organizations classified as a cult through their Pyramidal structure and regulation of member behaviors, but they are also classified as a cult through their psychological manipulation.
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The AMO’s are responsible for recruiting people to become an Amway distributor. Some say that the meetings appear to be like a cult due to their high energy, enthusiasm and excited behavior. There are several businesses that have meetings similar to Amway; however, Amway is known to use psychological manipulation by using group pressure, isolation, separation, thought-stopping techniques, and even sleep deprivation that encourages the use of spiritual exercises and urgent projects.
Similar to the Amway Motivational Organizations, Scientology has the reputation of practicing cult activities and contributing to psychological manipulation. Scientology is a risky cult that pretends to be a religion. Scientology uses practical psychotherapy to impair the minds of individuals and make them vulnerable, by convincing individuals that what they are teaching is true (Heldel-Lund, 1996 p. 1). The whole point of Scientology is to make money. Scientology is a cult that performs mind control procedures on those who are persuaded to join for the sole purpose of getting control of their lives and personal accounts. The main goal of Scientology is to rob people of money and they can possibly borrow to...

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