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Cultivation And Agency Essay

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The cultivation theory states that by seeing repeated messages in media, these messages will influence our value system over time (Discussion 11/3/05). Therefore, it has long term media effects with teaching of common worldview according to TV. The cultivation theory “is based on a project by George Gerbner and his associates that for more than 20 years examined the impact of growing up and living with television” (Croteau Hoynes 246). Television is the media that dominates our lives since it is on most of the time. As we engage in prolonged media consumption, media has messages and over time we have media answers. For example, after watching films or television, people develop a ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, people with high income think everything is wonderful and secure causing them to be less protected. However, there are criticisms for cultivation. Cultivation is open to interpretation by the people who receive the message. For example, the movie Blaire Witch made people think that it was suppose to be the most horrific thing to see because of the amateur camera shots and the realistic aspects of the movie. However, Prof. Coleman thought that the entire movie was funny. As a result, it is open to interpretations. Cultivation is related to communication such that it affects the people’s view of the world. The people get captured to the view of the “Mean World” because of the continuous media message that the world is unsafe. As a result, it changes the behavior of people such that low income citizens will have bars in their windows and high income citizens will believe that they are secure.The book address agency to be intentional and undetermined human action. Agency gives us some flexibility to the structure constraint. It is the way I communicate, and the way I do things. Although there are restrictions in the world, we are able to have some alternative ways because of agency. For example, in the structure of education constrains, students have a great deal of leeway in what they study, how much time and energy they spend on schoolwork (Croteau Hoynes 21). Even though students have to go through stressful deadlines and exams, they still have agency to give them choices. It is the student’s choice to finish the assignment by...

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