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Cultural Adaptability Essay

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"The marketing environment... consists of the actors and forces outside marketing that affect marketing management's ability to develop and maintain successful transactions with its target customers’ (Kotler et al 1998). Due to perpetual changes in the nature of the current global environment and the development of technology encouraging competition and demanding innovation of businesses, the basic principles of marketing have expanded beyond just advertising and selling a product. The strategies involved in the process of marketing have become complex and dependent on multiple aspects in the business arena. One of the most important concepts of marketing is customer orientated marketing. ...view middle of the document...

With attempts to reformat their product scheme U.S. restaurant chain Yum Brands Inc. has recently launched a new menu and marketing campaign in China revealing a menu makeover, introducing new items to all its stores, including rice dishes for its China based KFC outlets in addition to new packaging, new mobile applications, an electronic menu and prepay takeout options (Burkitt, 2014). The KFC China team developed the new menu by carefully listening to customers on social media and through rigorous consumer research and market testing (Businesswire 2014). Particularly in the fast food industry, the requirement to innovate and develop new products is of a high demand. In response to this Yum’s China chief executive claimed that the company plans to update KFC's menu at least once a year in the future. These initiatives all show clear intentions of customer oriented marketing whereby KFC China’s overall marketing model has demonstrated clear responses to customer demands. Explicitly, an increase in the use of electronic ordering methods and technology in the stores demonstrates the company’s adaption to contemporary contexts and the new age mindset of using technology to increase customer convenience. This change will compliment KFC’s service style as a fast food chain and ultimately provide customers with a more unique experience.
Intertwined with the concept of customer oriented marketing is the involvement of market segmentation and determining a target audience. The strategy of initiating celebrity endorsements to campaign for their new products shows the intention of KFC China to target a younger demographic. Not only does esearch conducted by the American Marketing Society support the argument that ‘celebrity endorsements are generally viewed as a profitable advertising strategy’ (Agrawal & Kamakura, 2014), by targeting and dividing the previously broad target market into subsets of consumers, in this instance a more contemporary younger audience, KFC has been successful in market segmenting.
Suffice to this, rising...

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