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Cultural Analysis About The Dodger Stadium Downtown La Woodbury University Essay

1401 words - 6 pages

Reema Aldahlawi
Woodbury university
Culture studies
Cultural Analysis- the Dodger Stadium
Not to be surprised, Dodger stadium was my first experience of actually visiting a stadium, to me, it was a magical experience, just seeing a field that huge was pretty amazing. The number of seats in the stadium was breathtaking, it’s capacity reaches 56,000 you wouldn’t imagine how many people all together would be in the same place cheering for a different team. When you think about it analytically that’s when you know how incredible is the dodger stadium, the Dodger stadium was not established recently, it goes way back to 1961. By that time, it got to develop and prove its place in so many ways, to a point that now it is considered as an attraction and one of Los Angeles’s hotspots to visit even without having a certain event. This analysis will focus on the history, media texts and the ambient culture to highlight the relationships and how the Dodger stadium tour reflects these interactions.
Starting first of the history of the Dodger Stadium, as said it was established 1961, the Dodger stadium players are considered the most valuable baseball players. Now moving on, how did they get the name Dodger’s? Long ago, when the use to play in Ebbets field in Brooklyn from all the time they played until they came to Los Angeles, they had to dodge trolley cars to get to the ball park because trolley tracks surrounded the ball park on all sights so all those subway tracks and the train cars, etc... that people would take in New York city. Eventually, to get to the stadium you would have to dodge them, so the name was derived from the fans. It is actually pretty interesting because no other team would say the same thing since most of them are not named after their fans. A main character in the Dodger’s history that was and still is a huge role in the transition of their improvement is Tommy Lasorda, he was actually a player back in 1950, however, Tommy brought them to the four world series during his time and also the championship, thus, he did a lot of great things for the franchise and he continuous to be a special advisor to the team and everything concerns the team from making decisions for the team he is actually considered the best team decision maker. The dodgers celebrated his retirement about 20 years ago and gave him a shirt but Tommy insisted that the shirt would be kept in the stadium so the fans would come and admire it. Also speaking of history, Greg Maddux won the most golden gloves award and he was actually a player in the dodgers and he won two gold gloves award, other than the 18 total gloves award. Another player that has the most gold gloves awards as a dodger is west parker, he was the first base in the 60’s and the 70’s he won 6 golden gloves awards and that is the most total awards ever won by a dodger on top of that he won the most valuable player award. The Dodgers have won 6 world series,...

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