Cultural And Social Differences Between The United States And Europe Essay

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This essay Will explain the cultural and social differences between the United States and Europe, by putting things such as social norms, cultural lag, material culture, cultural universals, symbols, and the Sapir-Wharf hypothesis under the magnifying glass.

First let's start off by what is culture? Well culture is the believes in behavior that a social group share. For example in the United States about 71% of Americans identify themselves as Christians Americans are seen as much more religious than Europeans. Things like church at trending in the U.S. but are seen as indispensable ways of socializing. In Europe the practice has almost disappeared and is mostly limited to the elderly, or special events like weddings. Americans mention god a lot of politics, wow your PNC mixing religion and politics as taboo especially in France. This is due to the stricter separation of state and religion. Exceptions in some areas are Made such as Poland or Spain, but these countries don't appear very religious compared to the USA. More extremely, a majority of Americans would find it offensive for someone to open the claim not to believe in God, whereas the opposite is often true in Europe. This topic will break down the norms of each culture. Norms are the way to behave in accordance with what a society explains as good, and important and most people obey these norms. There are formal norms and informal norms, formal norms are written rules such as laws, sign, manuals, and college exam requirements are all examples of formal norms....

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