Cultural Aspects In Terms Of Business Activity In Ghana

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It is always recommended for investors to prepare an analysis of the market they want to enter or cooperate with. One of the best and easy accessible data are information collected by Geert Hofstede and his team or analysis of attitude to time and communication based on Edward T. Hall observations. Results of Geert Hofstede's cultural dimensions are shown on following graph:As presented above Ghanians represent high level of power distance, indulgence and uncertainity avoidance, balanced level of masculinity, low level of individualism and very low level of pragmatism. Regarding power distance citizens of Ghana accept all the hierarchies and have great respect to authorities. It is told that they like when there is somebody that keeps telling them what to do. It could be politically incorrect, but it is common between people cooperating with Ghanians that are explaining it is connected with colonies time, when there was always somebody else governing the natives and they get used to it and that is why they accept it. It is also indulgent culture. It means that people like to enjoy themselves and represent positive attitude to live. However, it means also that they not necessarily think about tomorrow because they spend a lot of money for a leisure and enjoyment. That is absolutely true and if a Ghanian has some additional money from a business they do not think to reinvest them. They prefer to buy newer car, better smartphone or bigger TV screen. Regarding uncertainty avoidance Ghana scored high level and this is connected with lack of trust to new things and ideas and feel of not certain future. It is visible for outsiders in observing natives' preferences. For example nobody there is using an estate wagon car, because they think that everybody will see what they have in their trunk, but nowadays all estate wagon cars are produced with cover on a trunk compartment. They also prefer to be safe than sorry and although there is very low robberies index, everywhere there is a security personnel. Balanced masculinity in Ghana could be observed in way of problems solving. All conflicts should be firstly solved in a family or tribe and the same custom is present in business where negotiations should be done when any problem occurs. Low level of individualism means that the society is very collectivistic. That could be easily observed, because all natives are more keen on cooperating with people from their tribe (and it is easily visible, because each tribe has its own marks or stigmas that are putted on their faces). Last but not least dimension is very low index of pragmatism. It is visible in very high respect to the tradition. However natives are focusing on short term objectives and achieving quick results. They don't think much about the future that is why there is also small propensity to save for the future.Regarding Edward T. Hall concepts Ghanian society could be described as a high context culture, which means that they use a lot of inverbal...

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