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Cultural Autobiography Essay

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Some strengths or personality traits of mine include kindness, perceptiveness, determination, and dependability. These strengths have helped me to attain a huge step in the right direction – coming to and excelling through college. I’ve pretty much always been determined to do bigger and better things with my life, and I think having a great amount of determination has influenced me to do so. Without determination, I would be nowhere.
The biggest learning preference I have, like many others, is visual learning. If I can see a picture, diagram, or video, it helps me tremendously. Since I’ve always favored visual learning, in order to study for an exam, I like to handwrite ...view middle of the document...

Having parents that are still happily married motivates me to someday have what they have. My parents have inspired me to someday have a strong loving family one day.
Growing up, I attended a private Christian school for 6 years. I would say that growing up in a private school has absolutely influenced my religious affiliations as well as beliefs and perspectives. Learning Christian viewpoints almost every day for 6 years has influenced me to have certain beliefs and perspectives that others who attended a public school may not have.
I currently am a member of TTU Miller Girls and they have influenced me greatly through my college life. Miller Girls is an organization that gives a lot back to the Lubbock community whether it be volunteering or fundraising. I have never volunteered so much in my life until I joined Miller Girls, but volunteering has formed within me the utmost respect and gratitude for others who are less fortunate. I have grown up very fortunate and being in Miller Girls has taught me to never take that for granted. Whether it’s picking up trash on the side of the highway or serving food at the Salvation Army, I’m able to impact the lives of others and the community around me. So far working with the children at the Boys and Girls Club has had one of the biggest impacts on the way I look at life. Those children have the brightest smiles and fullest hearts even given their current circumstances. Volunteering has unquestionably made me appreciate that so many people can benefit from the actions of one person, and it has also changed the way I carry myself on a day to day basis.
I have also grown up in town that is predominately Caucasian my whole life – which has caused me to not be entirely exposed to all the different cultures of the world. For this reason, I hope to study abroad one day and get to experience different cultures other than my own.
As far as socio-economic status goes, I have also grown up in a primarily wealthy neighborhood. This does not necessarily mean that all people with whom I associate with live or have the same socio-economic status as my family and I. There are many different walks of life where I’m from and I am by no means biased to anybody’s “social status” or way of living. I would say that just because of my family’s socio-economic status or where I live, does not mean that I act as a product of where I came from. My parents have instilled in me that my family is extremely fortunate and I should never take anything for granted. No matter where you come from, we are all equal, and we should all treat each other as we would want to be treated.
Cultural and historical influences are kind of one in the same. The Irish culture has the strongest influence on my cultural experiences. My mother has lived in Dublin, Ireland for some part of her life, and all of her family (aside from immediate...

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