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Cultural Awareness The Country Of Brazil

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The country of Brazil is located in the South American continent, it has the largest country is South America and is bordered by many countries such as Argentina and Paraguay to the southwest and Bolivia and Peru to the west there is Uruguay to the south and Venezuela to the north. It shares a boarder with every South American country except for Ecuador and the country of Chile. The country is so big that it shares a boarder with Peru and I mention Peru because it is located on the western coast of the continent. Peru’s coastline is the Pacific Ocean and Brazils is the Atlantic that in its self speaks volumes for the shear mass of Brazil. This nation has vast climate changes depending where in the country one is located for example the famous Amazon basin is located in in the northwestern part of the country then there is the main upland area that occupies the southern half of the country. Brazil has the great Amazon but it also has much diverse topography such as scrublands, mountains and even vast plains. The diverse climate in Brazil varies for tropical to sub-tropical from lush rain forest to North West to snow in the south. Brazil is lucky in the fact that the country never really has a dry season but many places do get seasonal rainfall but plenty of it. The Brazilian ecosystem and environment is important to the world, arguably the world’s greatest generator of oxygen due to the Amazon jungle. Without a doubt Brazil boast the greatest biologically diverse ecosystem in the world with it having an estimated four million plus different plant species and the Amazon Basin has some of the most unique and diverse grouping of fish in the world. Brazil like many other countries in the world exploits the vast raw materials available from their richly blessed lands. Pollution and logging has been a major international concern for great changes to the rain forest could mean great consequences for the world at large. It is understandable for this nation to go through such turmoil dealing with these pressing environmental issues, for modern society wanting to expand with the world’s population increasing damming rivers and building cities which lead to vast amounts of pollution is a problem but not a problem that is unique to Brazil but a problem all modernized countries face.
The Brazilian Federation runs on similar principles as that of our great nation the United States of America. The fundamentals in which this nation governors set on the following sovereignty, citizenship, dignity of human beings freedom of enterprise and political pluralism. The fact that Brazil has a check and balances system of government shows that the country tries to combat corruption and put its people first. The branches of government consist of the executive, legislative and judiciary branches. The Executive and legislative branches are voted in to office by the people however the judicial branch of government is appointed. Brazil sports much more political...

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