Cultural Competence In Counseling Essay

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Cultural Competence in Counseling
Case Study: Jia
The case study involves Jia, a 21-year-old Asian American female who immigrated to the United States from China at a young age. The counselor is a 54-year-old Multiracial American who grew up as a foster child living with numerous cultures throughout her life.
Cultural Differences between Client and Counselor
Many cultural differences lie amid the client and the counselor. The client grew up within a close-knit family, which worked hard saving money for Jia, an only child, to become a surgeon. The counselor grew up in foster homes, married at the age of seventeen so she could leave the foster care system. The counselor never grew up ...view middle of the document...

Jia appears to be exhausted perhaps because she is worrisome over what her parents may think of her falling grades. Explaining to Jia I understand the Asian American culture regarding honoring her parents may help Jia to become more relaxed and able to express all of her concerns. I would also incorporate into our counseling session the beauty of painting and suggest she might show her parents some of her work, a little at a time so not to overwhelm or worry her parents.
As Sue (2013) mentions, if Jia becomes uncomfortable talking about her emotions I would use the phrase Sue suggests, “This situation would me someone uncomfortable” (p. 399), allowing Jai to realize I understand Asian Americans do not like to display their emotions. I would hope to gain trust from Jia allowing her to release her emotions that are built up inside by allowing silence, which is respected with Asian Americans and by not staring at her while she speaks to me, which also shows a sign of respect. “Acculturation is one of the most important variables in the development of Asian Americans’ cultural...

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