Cultural Competency Assesssment Of Team Members

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Self assessment of cultural competency is a means of realizing how a person reacts to other cultures he or she encounters every day. Team A chose a cultural competency assessment tool from the Alameda County Public Health Department website (see Appendix A) to evaluate themselves concerning their cultural awareness. This paper will evaluate those assessments to come to a better understanding of each member's level of cultural competency. Each member has also included a personal assessment of her cultural strengths and weaknesses.The process of self-assessment of cultural competence can be fairly intimidating. Responding to questions about racial and cultural differences can create problems for individuals or an entire staff. These feelings can create tension when agencies and organizations attempt to diversify staff, prepare for cultural competence, or begin to reach out to culturally diverse communities. Because cultural competence is a developmental process, the goal of assessment is not to tell people where they are on a scale, but to inform them where they need to enhance their skills cross-culturally. (Mason, 1995, p.5)AssessmentsCarolCarol's assessment shows that she has a strong understanding of cultural differences. Carol demonstrates the ability to reflect on her own cultural beliefs and how these beliefs may influence her own behavior toward others. Carol's assessment also shows that she only uses an interpreter sometimes. Carol states in her personal statement that this is an area that she can develop more.In her personal statement Carol also states that although the community she lives in is made up of mostly Jamaican people, there are other diverse populations living there. She does interact with all cultures on a personal and professional level. Carol also states that she is better able to view other cultures with patience and understanding because she is a minority.DianeDiane's assessment exhibits an understanding of other cultures though she is lacking in the areas of the use of interpreters. Diane does have an understanding of her own culture and how her culture reflects on her behavior toward others. In her personal statement and on the assessment tool, Diane believes that she needs to speak up more when discriminatory behavior happens in front of her.JaniseJanise's assessment demonstrates that she has a comprehensive understanding of communication methods used to help consumers of other cultures. Janise also often reflects on her own cultural background and how that background reflects her behavior.Janise's personal statement demonstrates her understanding of other cultures as she works for the government and as a community volunteer...

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