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Cultural Competency is fundamentally linked with the principles of social justice and human rights because it provides the nurses with the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills to provide equal care despite one’s cultural background. However, using the principles of social justice and human rights to educate nurses allows them to learn how to negotiate cultural differences. Removing their own cultural filters, and seeing events through the eyes of those who are culturally different accomplish this. An embedded experience, in which nurses interact with various cultures, would encourage them to adopt Cultural Competency knowledge (Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, 2008). Environmental justice can influence the population’s health. This environmental justice is relevant to nursing, because awareness brings changes and can save and improve many lives. When a person in a hospital or in a community setting is affected by a health problem, the entire community is at risk, knowing the population is lack of knowledge and have limited access to understand health care system. Therefore, a solution to eliminating cultural disparities is optimal for immigrant communities. In conformity with the Journal of Transcultural Nursing journal, nurses need to follow 12 steps to have a successful result when integrating cultural competence in the health care environment: social justice, critical reflection, knowledge of cultures, culturally competent practice, cultural competence in the health care systems and organizations, patient advocacy and empowerment, multicultural workforce, education and training in culturally competent care, cross-cultural communication, cross-cultural leadership, policy development, and evidence-based practice and research (Douglas, et al, 2011). Culturally competent nursing practice has increased due to the fact that immigration has increased throughout the past century. Such change is reflected in public sectors, such as health care, where the workforce and client base are becoming increasingly diverse in ethnicity and culture values. The demographics of the patient and nursing population in the United States of America, coupled with wide health disparities between different nations and people who reside in this country has necessitated this focus (Campinha-Bacote, 2005). As the world becomes smaller and individuals and societies become more mobile, nurses are increasingly able to interact with individuals from other cultures. Research by Martin, Mercedes & Vaughn (2007) supports that the components of cultural competency in the workplace are as follows: Awareness regarding one’s own worldview, openness toward cultural differences, intentional awareness of other people’s cultural practices and perspectives, and the development of skills for communicating/addressing cross-cultural issues. One of the principal goals in the advocacy of cultural competency in healthcare is to...

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