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Cultural Differences Essay

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In this essay, I have decided to evaluate a scene from the Disney movie, Tarzan, by using the communication tool, Relevance of Culture. In this particular movie, there is a scene where Tarzan and Jane meet for the first time and Jane is trying to talk to Tarzan. We will discuss the Demographic Changes and the Sensitivity to Culture. This scene can be viewed at this link,
In the scene, Jane and Tarzan demonstrate the Relevance of Culture and Cultural sensitivity. The first is learning behaviors that the person you are communicating with displays, as watch their body language and observe how they do things. Second is realizing the possibility that you might act differently around a person of a different culture. Third, is being respectful of the cultural difference between you and the other person. Fourth is to be aware of the differences between you and others, and be aware of how big those differences are. Fifth is being able to understand that what may mean one thing to you might mean something different to someone of a different culture. Last you must learn the rules. Learning the rules is the most important thing to remember when being culturally sensitive. As I talk about this scene, I will be using these six components to describe how the two characters display good cultural sensitivity, starting with the first.
In the beginning of the scene Jane and Tarzan start to become aware of how different they are. While Jane and Tarzan are first getting to know each other, Jane is trying to teach Tarzan her name and to learn his name. Her actions of how she handles the language barrier shows that she is unfamiliar with culture. She is also understanding of Tarzan and his lack of language. In the clip when Jane holds out her hands toward Tarzan and says her name. This is a perfect example how two different cultures learn, and observe how each culture behave in the setting of when you are greeting someone. Not only does Jane learn how Tarzan says his...

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