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Cultural differences between Uzbekistan and USAToday in our country a great attention is paid for learning English. And in each school of our republic pupils are beginning studying English from 1 grade. Why exactly English? Because English is so widely spoken, so it is called as a "world language". When we learn English, we should study English culture at the same time. Most people think that knowing a great number of words and grammar of the language is enough for communicating with the native English speaker. But if you do not know your partner's behavior and attitude to this or that topic your dialogue will be unsuccessful. For example American people do not like talking about their private life or family, while in Uzbekistan it is impolite not to ask about family. It is one cultural difference between these two cultures. And now we are going to compare some cultural issues of these two countries, of Uzbekistan and USA.Firstly, what is culture itself? It has many different meanings so we cannot give only one definition. One can say that culture is a communication; culture is a 'face' of any nation; others - culture is a good literature, art, music, food and clothes; culture is beliefs, values, religion, customs and behavior of a particular society. All of them are right. Culture includes everything given. If a learner of the language can interact appropriately with the representative of other culture, he is interculturally competent. Intercultural competence is the ability to communicate effectively and appropriately (Lustig and Koester 1999 cited in Moran 2001). Many students want to study abroad, many people - to travel. If they have lack of intercultural competence there will be a lot of misunderstandings. Here we would like to begin with the greetings of American and Uzbek people. What kind of differences are here? And what misunderstandings we can face to with? In our country when people greet, it is natural to ask about work, husband or wife, children and etc. People often shake hands and can exchange with kissing if this person is close friend or relative. But do not do such things when you go abroad. If you meet English man he will say you just "Hello!" or "Hi!" and "How are you?" and expects from you just short answers like " good thanks and you?". And Americans when greet each other they just shake hands or can say just hello without shaking and they do not embrace and kiss each other. If you embrace them and ask many questions it will be strange for them. While talking to them you should not come very closer and touch them. Because American people have private space that they value it very much. They can easily show or say about their displeasure because Americans are direct. But it does not mean that they are very rude and impolite people, it is just their nature. Being direct is not bad quality, but you should first think, then speak. Because of your uprightness you can offend someone.However Uzbeks are not direct. Conversations...

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