Cultural Differences Between India And Pakistan

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Cultural differences have been the most influential sources of conflict in world history. These cultural differences arise due to the lack of understanding between the parties involved (Gumperz, 1998). However, deliberately acquired cultural awareness is the biggest weapon in overcoming the negative factors that arise because of differences in culture (Wunderle, 2006). The objective of this assignment is to contrast the cultural difference between India and Pakistan. Next, to show how these differences cause conflict. Finally, to describe a volatile situation that is between the two countries and how it might have been resolved peacefully.
A closer look at both India and Pakistan reveals several similarities between the two countries such as their facial and skin features and attributes. However, one of the most defining cultural differences between both countries is that they house two very different ethnicities. Arabs and Indians are two very different kinds of people with different cultures and different perspectives concerning life. The Arab community adheres to a very demanding form of life while the Indian community’s values vary according to personal preferences (Mohmand, 2009). According to Wunderle (2006), the awareness and pride among Arabs in regards to the historical ranking of Arabian influence over the world has been a major drive towards some risky attitudes that the Arab community displays toward other ethnic groups. In fact, a closer look at history shows that the Arab community has been established since the Middle Ages and has lasted for over 700 years (Mohmand, 2009).
Religion is another huge cultural difference between India and Pakistan. India is a country that is very religiously tolerant as it houses many different religions including Hindu, which is the prevalent form. Other religions in India include the Christian, Buddhism, Jainism and Islam among others. Pakistan on the other hand, as is the rest of the Arab community, is purely Islam and has been very intolerant of all other religions (Wunderle, 2006). Furthermore, the Sharia Law governs the Islamic religion, which has been within the Arab community since the appearance of the Revered Islamic prophet named Mohamed. According to Islamic guidelines that are housed in the Quran, the interconnection between the Muslim individual with foreign cultures or religions through marital or religious means is strictly forbidden because it creates a source of uncleanliness for the Arab community (Werbner, 2012). In fact, Pakistan is the most religiously intolerant country in the world due to its severe “Blasphemy Laws” which are unjustifiably used to discourage the public practice of any other religion except Islam (Werbner, 2012).
Governing is also a huge difference between India and Pakistan. India is a country that has long been established as a democratic nation. The country promotes many different kinds of basic individual freedoms such the freedom of religion and the...

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