Cultural Globalization & Westernization Essay

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Globalization is the process of international integration arising from the interchange of worldviews, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture. Cultural globalization is dealt with in our everyday lives. It deals with different ideas, meanings, and values throughout the world, globally. International travel, television, music, the Internet and many different popular cultures influence it. Globalization has been questioned whether or not it actually leans towards the Western culture, or if it occurs due to western influences. According to the Global Policy Forum (2005), the spread of values, norms, and culture tends to promote Western capitalism. Westernization is the adoption of western traditions or techniques in different parts. Now days, cultural globalization could be considered as a branch of Westernization.
In the past, and even today, globalization has been connected to Westernization. Many of those who have a “positive” view on globalization, often see it as an impact towards the Western world. Westernization is noted as a continuing process of globalization. With this being said, it is suggested that the “Western” idea has lead to globalization and that globalization spreads Western culture, which is an ongoing cycle of Westernization. John Tomlinson (1995) says that when people talk ‘Westernization,’ they are referring to a whole range of things: the consumer culture of Western capitalism with its now all-too-familiar icons (McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Levi Jeans). Global interrelations such as world travel, trade, migration, and the spread of cultural influences have been very beneficial in the advancement of many different countries, which has also lead to a “Western influence.” A country such as China has tried to become a more “independent,” but they have been influenced by western culture and brought some of it into their own culture. China has added about over 1000 locations of America’s most popular fast-food chain, McDonalds. Additionally, India has experienced globalization and has also been influenced by westernization. Globalization has changed India’s shape several years ago. India has advanced in the transportation system by adding a metro rail service for an enhanced commute, which continues to spread throughout different parts of India. Westernization on the other hand, has had a great influence on the Indian culture when it comes to traditions and customs.
The term “Americanization” and “Westernization” could relate very much so. Just like Westernization is affecting the world, Americanization is doing the same. Americanization is the term for other cultures and countries being...

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