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According to Phillipe Legrain, cultural globalization is not Americanization, he comments that, "It is a myth that globalization involves the imposition of Americanized uniformity, rather than an explosion of cultural exchange." Globalization is a good thing, but is feared by many because it is a common misconception of Americanization. Globalization is, in the simplest of terms, cross-fertilization, or the exchanging of ideas and products. Globalization in fact increases individual freedom. It allows oneself to choose ones cultural experiences, and to therefore define oneself by ones adaptation to other cultures.The main fear of globalization is that local and national identities will eventually dissolve into American consumerism. According to Legrain, American ideals like Mickey Mouse and Coca-Cola have not conquered the world, but the American attitude toward life that welcomes individualism has. Many American industries actually originate from foreign countries and just happen to be in America. Therefore, the common misconception is that a particular company is considered American when in actuality, is not. Levi Strauss for example, is considered the "all-American" jean, however the jeans just so happen to have been created by a German immigrant of the same name.The fear of Americanization is sprung from the idea that most of America's primary exports to other countries will in turn diminish a countries culture by "Coca-colonizing" it. Americanized uniformity is over-exaggerated because American products are not always dominant in the global market. In France for example, there is an overwhelming concern that McDonalds, and other American fast food chains will "trash France's culinary traditions." When in fact, France exported to America three times what America exported to France. The significance of American consumer culture is often embellished, and Legrain points out that, "You can choose to drink coke and eat at McDonalds without becoming American."Furthermore, it is also obviously misconstrued that American products are purely American, and even if they are, many American products are "tailored to local tastes anyway." For example, MTV an American Music icon promotes Thai pop stars in Asia instead of Americans, and despite popular belief of other foreign countries, local artists still surpass the competitors in most nations; local artists managed 68 percent of music sales in 2000. In addition, McDonalds, which is quintessentially the most American food chain ever, sells beer in France, and lamb in India. This proves that American products do not change cultures, but that these cultures change American products to fit their specific needs and wants.Technology seems to be renovating most cultures, and "individual choice is fragmenting the imposed uniformity of national cultures." Cowen points out "cross-border cultural exchange increases diversity within societies--but at the expense of making them...

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