Cultural Identity Interview And Analysis

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Analysis 1Culture AnalysisAXIA / WIUIntroduction to World CulturesAnd Social Environments INS 301Analysis 2IntroductionCultural Identity Interview and AnalysisCultural identity is the identity of a group relating to a particular culture or civilization, or of how a person is subjective by her/his belonging to a group or culture. This report will describe my interviewee's firsthand experiences, as they relate to intercultural communication and cultural identity.Analysis 3The InterviewRonald Tilley was born on February 20, 1983, in Ontario, Canada. He currently lives in Erie County, Buffalo, NY. He lives in a predominately African-American neighborhood and says he identifies more with African-American culture. He is a bi-racial, His mother is African-Canadian, and his father is an Italian-American. Ronald has one daughter who lives in Canada with her mother, whom he visits regularly. Ronald is an assistant Chef, and has been living here in the United States for a little over 1 year.When Ronald was asked, "Being Bi-Racial, what culture do you identify more with? He answered, "I was raised by my mother (African-Canadian), and I was very young when my father passed away. I don't really know his side of the family too well, so yeah, I can say I identify more with my African heritage. I never had any relations with my Italian heritage, my mother never made me feel I was different. I always raised as being black.I believe common individuality and thoughts may be clear indicators of a shared cultural identity but in essence, it is determined by difference. Such as, if we feel we fit into a group, if a group classifies itself as a group, by noticing and highlighting differences with other groups and cultures or if their culture defines itself in relation, or conflict to other backgrounds. People who believe they belong to the same culture, have this idea because they rely partly on a common set of norms, but the awareness of such common systems are likely only with the lack of other cultures.Analysis 4The InterviewRonald, who identifies himself as someone of African-American culture does not look at his culture as being out of the norm or having disadvantages. Ronald was asked, "Do you find it challenging embracing one part of your culture and not the other?" He answered, "I stuck with what I knew. Growing up I never knew any other group of people like me, (bi-racial) all my friends where, white, black, or whatever. It was easier for me to say I'm black, then to say I'm half this, and half that and have to go into the whole thing of explaining what I am, and feeling like a science project."I believe by Ronald feeling that he does not have a racial identity that neatly fits into society or can be stereotyped; so he assimilates to the side of his culture that he believes is more accepting within the culture he chooses to identify with which gives him a sense of belonging. In addition, I believe the lack of understanding towards people of biracial cultures...

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