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In today?s society there are no two structures or cultures identical in any organization. The many different rituals, stories or values that an organization has is unique and different, which makes working for (company name) a good learning experience, interesting history lesson and a good tool to understand future business cultures. While working for (company name) I have been given a new perspective on how work is accomplished and how this system is functional. Also, I have slowly learned that the language and particular actions are norms within the company that in turn produce shortcuts for accomplishing tasks that the employees have learned along the way.I have been employed at (company name) for a couple of years prior to this internship, yet I was completely unaware of the culture that for many of the employees don?t realize that certain phrases and actions constitute a culture. Through working in this environment I have been introduced to many different interpersonal ways of interaction with certain people. This includes: using explicit and quite obvious non-verbals with others, refrain from talking to others ?too early,? or being more laid back, just to name a few.I soon realized that this organization resembles an improv-comedy show. There are a few employees that work in the office that I have interactions with several times a day and there are a few employees that come in throughout the day that work in the field. The attitudes are always changing because of new faces that continue to come in and make reference to any new jokes, bizarre people they have dealt with, or simple conversation that turns into humor. While there is much work that is accomplished, the daily climate remains relaxed and unique. The day usually starts out quite dry but by the time lunch rolls around the people are more relaxed and in a better mood. The day seems have several intermissions when people come in and tell us a story; somewhat like an improv.A normal morning starts with a meeting of the field employees and management. I normally take notes and make copies for the field crew following the meeting. The owner is present almost everyday and when the day?s itinerary has been discussed he consistently states, ?lead with your eyes, think with my head.? I presume this means to go about daily business and if something unlikely were to happen then the crew is supposed to react the way the owner would. Which means, cut a few corners and save money.Another aspect at (company name) that I have learned rather quickly is that the employees with seniority have a desk with a better location than the newer employees. The controller has her own office located next to the owner?s...

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