Cultural Issues And The Psychological Framework

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Cultural Issues and the Psychological Framework
Some of the many cultural issues faced by human resource managers are communication- including communicating company culture, language barriers, understanding the business etiquette in other countries, the concept of ‘face’ that is recognized in many cultures, and that employees may have some amount of fear when they are immersed in the new culture. Geert Hofstede created a cultural framework based on five dimensions of psychology to offer some understanding of different cultural issues (Ahlstrom & Bruton, 2010, p. 47).
Applying the Cultural Framework
Hofstede based his framework on five basic dimensions – power distance, individualism ...view middle of the document...

Individualism Collectivism
The basic theory of individualism is that the individual is able to choose for themselves and to be responsible for their own self. Collectivism is the opposite, where the group is placed above the individual. The importance of individualism collectivism in business etiquette might explain why a group rather than an individual received credit for a project. Conversely, in some cultures only the project manager would receive credit for a successful project because it would be assumed that it was the leadership that led to a successful project. Additionally, congratulating the group rather than the project manager in the wrong culture could cause the manager to lose face with their staff.
Uncertainty Avoidance
This dimension explains the level at which different cultures are able to cope with uncertainty, and its ability to deal with the risk of the unknown (Andrews University, n.d., para. 1). If an employee comes from a culture that has low uncertainty avoidance, then it might be easier for them to adapt to new situations and cultures. There would be less fear of relocation for an...

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