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Where you from? By Gina Valdez, Legal alien, Elena by Pat Mora, and Here by Sandra Maria Esteves are poems that have a similar meaning. This poems are connected by the same problem, can be cultural or language problems that the majority of the immigrants suffer. Every single poem have a different story and characters, but with the same problem. Those poems talked about the borders that the majority of the immigrants have, some of them do not feel identify with their new culture, however, others poems showed the language problems that the characters has. The points of those poems are basically the problems that the majority of the immigrants suffer: the adaptation to a new culture with a new language.

“Here” by Sandra Maria Esteves. A poem that talked about her identities and what she is feeling with her identities. Esteves mentioned that she has two different identities “I am two parts/ a person Boricua/ spic” (Esteves 362), she state that she is Boricua and Spic which means that she is from Puerto Rico and Hispanic too. Also she talked about her “past and present” (Esteves 362) which can be interpret like she identifies herself in the same way in her past andher present. The final two lines in the first stanza can summarized her cultural problem “Given a cultural beauty... And robbed of a cultural identity” (Esteves 362), when she says she was “given a cultural beauty” she can be talking about her Hispanic blood, the way she look, but she also mentioned that was “robbed of a cultural identity” which she means that they take her identity away.

“Elena” is a poem by Pat Mora. In this poem shows how a mother tries to relate to her children and the society that she lives in by trying to adapt to a new culture and the new language. This poem is about the language border, “Now my children go to American high schools. They speak English… I stand by the stove and feel dumb” (Mora 369). Here, in this poem Mora shows the language barrier, this woman is scared to lose her family because of language and the new culture. She feels she does not belong into this new society “I’m forty, embarrassed at mispronouncing words, embarrassed at the laughter of my children, the grocer, and the mailman” (Mora 369). She has the language border...

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